Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review: Balea Feuchtigkeits Haarmilch (Aprikose+Milch) & Alverde Repair- Haarspitzenfluid (Traube Avocado) Part 1

It´s my first time doing a review. If you have any questions, just leave a comment :D So I can improve on doing reviews~
I could do this post in German as well, but I suppose that other European countries could be interested in these products :D.

I´d like to start with "Alverde" Repair-Haarspitzenfluid (Traube&Avocado) first. My translator says that it is called "Hair tip fluid" in English. I´m not sure about this term, but to make it short. It´s a hair care product (leave in conditioner) for damaged hair e.g. spliss hair without silicone. I keep an special eye on hairproducts without silicone! ò.o
Why? The silicone covers every single hair, which means that your hair looks shiny and you can comb your hair fluently. It sounds nice, right? BUT underneath the silicone-cover it´s still the same. The other expensive hair products you´re using can´t get through. There are water-insoluble silicones, which means you can´t get rid of them that easily ! and water soluble silicones.
(I will list them up at the bottom so you can keep an eye on your hairproducts)
Now coming back to my review xD! I´ve got thick, long and normal/oily hair but dry ends. I´ve got a lot of spliss even when I don´t dye my hair. I got it from DM (Drogeriemarkt) for 2.45€ for 30ml.(The label "Alverde" is well known for its natural ingredients).

Left:Balea Feuchtigkeits Haarmilch/Right:Alverde Repair Haarspitzenfluid

At the back it says that you should massage it in your wet hair (like right after washing your hair). But I think it shows a greater effect using it after drying your hair, because the fluid contains grape oil and water doesn´t mix with oil. I used it some monthes now and I can say that my hair looks healthier, especially the ends of my hair is smoother, btw. I used this product after cutting my spliss away! Otherwise it would be a waste of this great product. :)
My hair smelled a bit strange but not smelly after using this liquid. Actually I was afraid of having greedy hair, but it dried fast and gives my hair a shiny look!





Water-Soluble Silicone/Wasserlösliche Silikone:
- PEG/PPG-14/4 Dimethicone
- Polysiloxane
- Hydroxypropyl
- Trideceth-12
- Dimethicone copolyol
- Lauryl methicone copolyol

Water- Insoluble Silicone/Wasserunlösliche Silikone:
- Dimethicone / Dimethiconol
- Stearyl Dimethicone
- Trimethylsilylamo-dimethicone
- Cyclomethicone
- Cyclopentasiloxane
- Cetyl Dimethicone

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