Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DIY Sushi Plush / Pillow

My sister wanted for her new appartment as a present, some pillows for her "cuddly/sit corner" and she knew that I always have creative ideas.
Here is the result of after 3 days of handwork. The sewing machine didn't work somehow...that's why I had to use my little Chinese hands.

I have to admit that it (hem and outter appearance) looks more neat and clean than with the machine. I'm really proud of myself... 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 because it's the first time that I've stitched something together without mommys help or advices *laugh* ಥ_ಥ

Btw I had some other ideas concerning the face expression. What do you think? Should I've used another face?  ( ≧Д≦) 

All in all. My sister loves their new friends. I'll probably stitch or sew a couple ONIGIRI and a MAKI roll to pimp up the sushi family. If someone is interested it. I'll perhaps do a tutorial, because it's really easy, even fo beginners!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Gamescom 2013 and trip to Nordhrein Westfalen

I was for a month in Nordrhein Westfalen to visit my friends and sister (July-August)
I misplanned my plane because ofmy I was for 5 weeks there instead of 8.. ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ

I had a GREAT time over there. Pe and me spent nearly 98% of my trip together. I lived for some days at her place in Leverkusen, but also for some days at my sisters place in Wuppertal. (switching the whole time)

I guess.. I've done sooo many things and have seen soooo many cool and beautiful places, that I can't mention in one post...Because of this I'll shorten it to some main activites.

Let's begin with food.

I guess...I've never been that much into cooking than the time at my sisters place. I mean look at this:

to be honest. I'm proud of my girls, my lovely cooking crew.  o (◡‿◡✿)

 Well actually I don't know where to start with...because we went to Roermond outlet in the Netherlands, spent time in Düsseldorf, Collogne, Remscheid, Burscheid etc.

I guess I'll start with the shooting. A good friend of Pe and me needed some models for his project.
It's a big project but to shorten it...I should embody "the charity".

Levin Lee, a model and someone I like to talk with.

Well the first shooting was really was cloudy and I didn't know what to do...~ It's new for me since I've never had a "professional" shooting before...the outcome and some extra photos

Some other photos

And photos outside the work ∩(︶▽︶)∩

I really look annoyed without noticing it.....(⊙_☉) but I was just tired...

Well what I want to mention! If you pass by in Collogne and want to eat good and natural burgers...go to Beef Brothers. They're really good and not that expensive.

btw. I've bleached my hair, but I'll talk about it in the next post.

On the I don't know which day, my sister and her bf went to Bochum to the Cranger Kirmes!!!
I was really happy about it, because I missed the Kirmes in Düsseldorf (flight) =_=" and my sisters room is full of plushies, because her bf is really good at winning plushies...So I wondered how it would end...

I've spent like 80€ on games and her bf like 200€?? Well to be honest...toooo much money. But we had a lot of fun. Because we stayed till 1am, where most of the ppl went home already!

Our prizes ♥

Aaaaand on another day Pe,me & a friend of her went to Phantasialand, but we didn't play there. We watched the Asian Night Show, which is every year..I've never been to Phantasialand before either (wow I really achieved a lot of things during this month)
This show was okay..the shows before were more spectacular because the Shaolin monks came and this year there were only some Asian singers and snake people (?)....kind of dissappointing.
The so called "China Town" was the most coolest thing that I've seen on this evening.


It's my first time being at the GC.
I wore a Gothic Lolita Coat with bunny ears and inside a pink lolita dress with black lace.

NANANANANANANANA BATMAN! He was soo tall! OwO" I'm 170cm tall..I doubt that he's 2m tall, but at least 190cm!

It's hard to meet some cool One Piece Cosplayer nowadays or I just pass by and miss them. But this time I've meet a cool Ace Cosplayer!

 Miss Fortune!

 Serah Farron. I think her outfit was totally authentic!

 Kirito from Sword Art Online

I've never played Titanfall, but the statue was reaalllly huuuge and absolutely cool!
I really look pale

I didn't watch the championship of LoL but the hall was really nice built up.
I've even seen Soraka-, Riven-, Nidalee- and a Diana Cosplayer there.

End of my trip. Next day was the day, where I'd to fly back to Berlin. I really enjoyed it and I hope that I'll be there soon again to eat McDonalds ice cream every night with my friend, Pe.♥

Japan Tag / Japan Day in Düsseldorf 25th of May

Here's a little post about my short trip in Nordrhein Westfalen during May.
I've visited my friend "Pe" in Leverkusen at this weekend. She didn't know that I'll be there because it should be a BIG SURPRISE!
And yeah she was pretty surprised because the last time we've seen each other was 2 years ago!
Well...she didn't know what to wear and I didn't know what to cosplay. So I got me a wig and a school uniform and she wore a school uniform also. It was pretty... spontaneously.

The day before we went to Düsseldorf because my sister told me about a good Japanese restaurant (Naniwa), which is popular for its noodle soup!
My birthday was on the 12th of not that long ago and I treated Pe and my sis to a noodle soup!

 Starter : Curry & Omelette with shrimps with a sweet sauce!

Yeah we were 3 persons, but we couldn't decide which noodle soup we want to eat..(there were more than 4 different noodle soup types of course!) So I ordered 4. The portion was really big...I don't know how we've managed to eat all of them...but we did.   ...and I can remember that we didn't eat much at dinner. (went to naniwa at 1pm...)

After such a big meal we went shopping...but sadly I couldn't find that much except 2 necklaces from Gina Tricot.

Well....coming to the main part: J-DAY!

I can remember that the day was really really REALLLY freaking COLD! and.. rainy...
I was surprised that I didn't get ill the days afterwards...lucky me.

My friend and me were we were lazy and didn't make a bunch of photos.

My friends outfit & mine (nothing special):

Even though there were lot of strange people who wanted to take photos of us....EVEN WHEN I WAS EATING!!! Someone also asked me, if my eyes were naturally BLUE.... OwO" and I told her that I'm FULL Asian and wearing coloured lenses. She got really curious about it and wanted to take a photo of my was creepy but strangely cute.

First time that I've eaten TAKOYAKI!!!! We spent like 40minutes to buy them....but it was worthes it! I only know them from anime/manga LOLOLOL. I've also seen them when I was in Hong Kong during March, but I had  no appetite

Couldn't believe that a woman take a photo of me when I was eating them... she said "oh nice cute.just go on with eating" and I was  w(@。@;)w

well we spent most of the time walking around searching hopelessly for a café, where we could get something warm to drink....but on the same day was a football pubs and cafés were full....

Well some cool Cosplays

Ghibli spirits <3

Grandpa Gohan (Dragon Ball Z)

some frozen girls.

We stayed till the firework...but we couldn't make any good photos of it, because it rained..

I hope next years J Day will be warmer!

Easy Flower Hair Accessory Tutorial / Paradise Kiss DIY accessory

 Lol I can't believe that I've made a tutorial and forgot to post it... it was like 1 year ago. Made this flower hairband for the wedding.

This entry is a picture tutorial. I made a flower hair accessory for a wedding and I think it's really easy and too beautiful to not show it.

 Cut squares in different sizes to create a flower. These are the blossoms.
Be careful! You need this kind of fabric. I don't know the term of it..but it should be "shiny" like this and it looks like tulle.
Cut in the squares. It should be 2cm deep.
 Don't get irritated by the frays, because you'll need a candle now, so you can secure the sides.
 Be careful, when you're working with fire!!!
Don't put it in the flames. The warmth/near of the flames is enough to melt down the fabric. (The fabric is somewhat like plastic or has the structure of it. Because of this, it's easy to melt it)
 Afterwards it should look like this.
You can round up the edges, if you hold it a bit longer in the near of the heat. But be aware of it. Don't let it burn, otherwise you can get wholes and DON'T TOUCH IT. It's really hot. lol I'm speaking from my own experiences.
 You should also take care of the middle of the blossoms, since it is next to each other. I'm talking about the 2cm depth part.
 That's the result of it.
It's ok, if it doesn't look "perfect". Because there are plenty of these layers and it doesn't effect the whole outter appearance.
 I think I've made 8 or 9 of these blossom layers. But it's your own choice.

Afterwards just put them together...

and pin it tightly...

I thought some pearls would make it beautiful and authentic..especially the stitches will be covered.

Done. I made 2 flowers in different sizes and used a glue gun to fix it on my hairband.
Somehow it reminds me of Paradise might be a good basic for this.


Meow is back from her hibernation !

Hey guys! I'm back~
Actually I wanted to open a new blog but somehow I shouldn't kick it in the garbage and start something new just because I'm lazy.
Sorry for my long absent.
A lot of things happened during my last post till now. life is still boring but somehow
I've start a new hobby.....COLLECTING WIGS! and I've got nearly 10 AT THE MOMENT. I've sold some already like the yuno wig or kaito wig....well
The reason why I've got soo many wigs mom doesn't want me to dye my hair. I know it's pretty stupid since I'm 20 already. But can't say "no" to an Asian mom. Seriously.
But I've bleached my hair a month ago when I've visited my dear friend Petra and my sister in Wuppertal/Leverkusen which is in the western part of Germany (Nord Rhein Westfalen).

I don't want to bomb my first post after a year with sooo many here's a small list. What I'll post next:

Japan Tag ( J-Day)
Selfmade Sushi pillow/plush
DIY Chii Chobits Persocom/Ears
DIY Poison Ivy

Collection of my wigs
some make up tutorials and reviews about CIRCLE LENSES (honey wing brown, neo sunflower blue, supy pinky green and EOS ice brown!)

If you've got any requests...there you go (comment box)

As you can see...I haven't only started with collecting wigs...also COSPLAY. My mom asked me why I've got soo many wigs..with different unnatural colours (I love it unnatural.)
So I've thought about it...I was only buying them without using them often...So I've realized that many of these wigs match to some figures in anime/manga and most of them aren't that hard to cosplay. So why should't I give it a try?
 Now I'm busy with sewing and doing researches about cosplaying instead of being a REAL ASIAN like...studying...and..those stuffs...

Well here's a list, what I want to Cosplay next:
Chii in Kimono - Chobits
Nurse Chii - Chobits
Nana - Nana
Sailor Saturn - Sailor Moon
Poison Ivy - Batman

Planning: Sakura Miku (Hatsune Miku) & Conis (One Piece)
Hope I've awakened your interests in reading my blog again. >.<  
btw. Feeling so sorry that I'll do a GIVE AWAY soon!!!!!!!!!! like in stay tuned!