Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oktoberfest in Berlin

Here's a short update concerning my last saturdays evening!
My friends and me, we went to the Oktoberfest in Berlin. Officially it is already over, but yeah Berlin has extended it~
It's the first time, that I've worn a "Dirndl" and been to an Oktoberfest. 99% of the music which played in the location was unkown...for me lol..and yeah it was all in all an OK- evening for me, because the ppl were a pain in my neck because they always put their glasses next to me..or spilled beer over was so disgusting.

Sorry for my make up faded away after 3hours between the sweaty ppl and rain from outside...

 My Dirndl Chicas :D

and got me a souvenir.... :'D ~