Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review: Balea Feuchtigkeits Haarmilch (Aprikose+Milch) & Alverde Repair- Haarspitzenfluid (Traube Avocado) Part 1

It´s my first time doing a review. If you have any questions, just leave a comment :D So I can improve on doing reviews~
I could do this post in German as well, but I suppose that other European countries could be interested in these products :D.

I´d like to start with "Alverde" Repair-Haarspitzenfluid (Traube&Avocado) first. My translator says that it is called "Hair tip fluid" in English. I´m not sure about this term, but to make it short. It´s a hair care product (leave in conditioner) for damaged hair e.g. spliss hair without silicone. I keep an special eye on hairproducts without silicone! ò.o
Why? The silicone covers every single hair, which means that your hair looks shiny and you can comb your hair fluently. It sounds nice, right? BUT underneath the silicone-cover it´s still the same. The other expensive hair products you´re using can´t get through. There are water-insoluble silicones, which means you can´t get rid of them that easily ! and water soluble silicones.
(I will list them up at the bottom so you can keep an eye on your hairproducts)
Now coming back to my review xD! I´ve got thick, long and normal/oily hair but dry ends. I´ve got a lot of spliss even when I don´t dye my hair. I got it from DM (Drogeriemarkt) for 2.45€ for 30ml.(The label "Alverde" is well known for its natural ingredients).

Left:Balea Feuchtigkeits Haarmilch/Right:Alverde Repair Haarspitzenfluid

At the back it says that you should massage it in your wet hair (like right after washing your hair). But I think it shows a greater effect using it after drying your hair, because the fluid contains grape oil and water doesn´t mix with oil. I used it some monthes now and I can say that my hair looks healthier, especially the ends of my hair is smoother, btw. I used this product after cutting my spliss away! Otherwise it would be a waste of this great product. :)
My hair smelled a bit strange but not smelly after using this liquid. Actually I was afraid of having greedy hair, but it dried fast and gives my hair a shiny look!





Water-Soluble Silicone/Wasserlösliche Silikone:
- PEG/PPG-14/4 Dimethicone
- Polysiloxane
- Hydroxypropyl
- Trideceth-12
- Dimethicone copolyol
- Lauryl methicone copolyol

Water- Insoluble Silicone/Wasserunlösliche Silikone:
- Dimethicone / Dimethiconol
- Stearyl Dimethicone
- Trimethylsilylamo-dimethicone
- Cyclomethicone
- Cyclopentasiloxane
- Cetyl Dimethicone

Zhen WaWa~

Before spamming you guys with my stuffs~

I would like to say special THANKS TO HAINE<3 She´s the greatest and the smartest "Bondie" of my whooooooole tiny little world. As you can see I´ve got a new stylish banner *nod nod*  "(_ _)" "(‘o‘)*"
Now guess who made it......*dam dam dam daaaaaaamm* Yes!
Correct answer: Haine Yoshitaka!
I really like my new banner because it´s plain but verrrryyyyy cute~<3
Thanks hun.<3

Now coming to "Zhen WaWa"~ What actually is ZhenWaWa? o.O
It´s a German group like a gal cir, but instead of accepting Gyarus we prefer all kind of Asian Styles (e.g. Ulzzang,Feizl,Lolita etc.).
ZhenWaWa is the pinyin for "Real Dolls". I think these words explain everything. We´re aiming for true persons, who don´t hide themselves under 5 tones of make up and photoshop (It´s totally ok to use make up and edit their photos, but it would be even nicer to recognize these ppl also in the reality LOL). And "dolls" does not mean that the style has to be cute only~ because there are also cool,sexy and hot ones.

Haine is the leader of the group and I´m the Co-leader. It´s not really international because we would like to do meetings. In this group we expect tolerance towards all kind of styles!
Feeling inspired/interested? ;D Leave a comment. Awake and show us the creative side of you.<3

P.S. Even when we´re opened for every kind of styles we can´t accept every entries, because we don´t want to be a large group. xoxo

Our Page -> http://fuckyeahrzhenwawa.tumblr.com/ 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Muh~ short update to my school project!

Hay darlings<3!
It has been a long time since I´ve updated something new. I´m very sorry because my schedule is full and I´m working with a great artist group on a big project, called "MacBeth". I suppose that all of you know that play, if not...here´s a hint: It´s from SHAKESPEARE!
My collegues and me will occure as the choir. It´s really nice and well played. This weekend there will be rehearsals from morning till the evening. It´s really hard for me since I´m ill x.X. I hope that everything will work smoothly >.<"!

When I´ve got time. I´ll do some photos of it, but there will be some ppl, who will film us. So yeah :)

hmm..Good night and dream well? <3

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What to do with curly/wavy hair?

Here is a tutorial like how to make an easy up do~
I think it looks like a rose a bit xD. What do you think? Actually I´m not good in doing my hair.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

La bella Italia

Yesterdays Dinner~
Pizza with Bacon and Spinach (left) Pizza with sardines and olive, which tasted extremely salty!!(right)

Flammkuchen (made of onions,leech,pizza dough,cream and bacon)

Pizza Parma (kind of tasteless in my opinion .__.)

I was a bit disappointed of that restaurant. The waiter couldn´t understand or speak German at all and his English was sometimes not understandable, which caused to a wrong order. I would go crazy for Italian dishes..but this time it was more than a failure *sigh*. The food tasted like nothing or was too salty, even when it looked yummi! However there is a good point, namely: the pizzas were made of gluten free dough and spelled dough. I think it´s a nice and healthy idea. I wanted to try something new and that´s the result of it. But no more next time~

Miss the good old Times *sigh*

She´s so LOVEABLE<3


AzNChecker xD

Miss you my TetrisBuddy&Twin<3 Come back fast!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Short Update to my Shopping Haul from Hong Kong

Here we are <3

Earrings also from London<3 
Dear Petra Stalker can you see the owles? These are yours<3

 Shoes<3 Did I mention that I love bows and flowers?<3 Got the boots from Primark (London)

Japanese fashion magazines<3 Storm Rider<3 Creamy Mami :D<3

Beauty stuffs (e.g. Gatsby, rhinestones,hair acess,nail polish from SaSa,tie,BB-Cream,fake eyelashes, Nivea whitening creme, masks etc.)

btw. it´s a backpack<333 yeah I´m gonna carry it all day *-*

Woohoo! I´m Back

Ok...actually I´m back since saturday xD but school has started and everything needs an organisation~ T^T gonna be a tough year since I´m in the 13th grade now. *sigh*
Well my trip started in Cologne (western part of Germany) and the ship (Arosa Aqua) went along the river, which seperates mostly the countries Swiss,Germany and France from each other.
The ship was driving most of the time...and you´ve seen water...moutains...mini cities (where I could never live, because there´s NOTHING exept trees and vineyards!) aaand a beautiful sky, filled with lots of fluffy clouds and a shiny sun. Actually it sounds nice right? BUT! To be honest...it was getting boring after a while there were only old grandmas and grandpas somehwat around 50-60 (?) you couldn´t sat next to them and just have a chitchat .__.", because of that my daily activities was like that-> wake up-breakfast-tv-lunch-tv-tea time-tv-dinner-bar or sometimes just a beauty evening xD I had a lot of time to think about nonsense stuff *slober slober* DD:

Our cabin and the television which saved my entire week<3

 It´s a clock in Straßbourg I think....

 Sacher Cake

 BINGO with the grannies!My friend won a cocktail coupon...actually we were winning every time if we had a little more chance...we needed only 1 number every round T_T

Sun deck with my best friend.<3

Mountains and moutains and a river.
A beautiful Place, where I could never live<3
A blurred picture. *cough*

 Me and the biiig mountains. xD They reminds me of Hong Kong somehow. *sniff*
btw in the left corner you can see the ship.

The ship!

Lovely Snacks.<3

Friday, August 5, 2011

2nd Trip to I-dunno

I´m packing at the moment for my 2nd trip during my summer holiday. This time I´ll be on a ship with my best friend for week! I hope I won´t get seasick, because I´ve never been on a ship for a long period. (’-’*)
Well...even though I´m very happy and excited! I´ll visit France, Switzerland and some German cities, places where I´ve never been before ヾ(^∇^).
See you in a week! I´ll post a lot of pictures when I´m back.

Full Wig from Hong Kong

Just want to show my new wig<3 I really love it, because most of my friends didn´t notice that it is a wig, even when it is synthetic! The saleswoman said that I can use an iron curler! So amazing right ?!*-* (haha I´m so dumb xD)
I tried it and it really works without melting the beautiful hair! I bought it for150 HK$ which is somewhat around 15€ and I think it´s really cheap. It was made in Taiwan (like most of the wigs in HongKong/China).

Monday, August 1, 2011


So...what did I do during this month besides shopping and sleeping~...EATING of course! I already made a what-I-want-to-eat-list before the trip. xD Yeah I know..so piggish >3<

I think Hong Kong is very popular for its variety of food and love this side of it. I suppose that I won´t cook at home at all when I live on my own there and eat outside always~ It´s cheap and very delicious...It´s also the reason why I can gained 2kg!~ xD"

Pizza Hut
Chinese Bread (?)
Mango Tapioca (Sai Mai Lou) with Coconut

Wan Tan Noodle

Breaktfast at McDonalds!! YES THEY´VE GOT NOODLES! So freaking awesome o.o
Durian!! yes I tried it. To me..it tastes like onion...but actually after a while it´s sweet and atcually..ok and not smelly :P
Sweet Tofu
Egg Tart

Ice Cream with Red Bean in FISH FORM! pure awesomness!

Mini Mango<3
Toast with dried seaweed and roasted sweet pork xD I like to try new things.

Chicken McNuggets with Kung Fu Panda!
Sauce: Garlic Chili Sauce, Honey Mustard Sauce, Sesame Sauce and Cheese Sauce for the Nuggets<3

 Chicken Curry with Rice<3
 Coconut Pudding with Red Beans<3
 Put Zhai Gou (砵仔糕) It´s a sweet sticky Pudding with Red Beans<3

 Read bean Ice Cream<3 It sounds strange& ewwie but it´s very delicious and doesn´t taste like vegetable<3

 Dam Choi Gou (Cantonese) somewhat with egg~
 Egg Puffs<333
 Chocolate Egg Puffs<3333

 Ham Sui Gok. Deepfried Dumplings with Meat in it
 Ha Gao (虾饺 ) Dumplings with Shrimps

 Some Chinese dishes~

NOW! some beautiful random pics


lol i nearly forgot the pics, which i took with my handy
 It looks sooo YUMMI<3 but it ain´t taste as good as his outer appearance...It´s a chocolate dome lol...only chocolate mousse and I don´t like cakes with cream ONLY!

 Chocolate Bubble tea<3
Ate it with my lovely cousin, XXL pizza<33 soo nice. It´s called Around the World Pizza lol.