Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Meet'n'Shoot Day

Ok ok still no P2 lipsticks in this post! ò.o sorry guys.

Well, on saturday I met my lover Dunya<3 rofl. No we´re not a couple, but she´s a very good friend of mine!


Also other nice friends of her came. I´ve met Kim and Nermin before, but I was soo excited to meet Beki as well!
So why did we chill together suddenly? Last tuesday was Dunya´s SUPER SWEET 15<3! We´re not at the same school and we have a full schedule, because of this we meet each other only at weekends.
We both have a reflex camera and she wanted to try out my cam. So we made tons of photos! First we were goofying however it turns out like a...photoshooting for some?

Somehow I´ve no photos of Kim. She didn´t feel well and was resting. I think it´s not polite to make photos of someone who doesn´t feel alright. But at the beginning Dunya made some photos of her. Need to ask her for some.

Just have a look. LOL

Beki<3 She looks like a model!


Nermin and Me :D btw. he got blinded by the sun.

Dunya, posing infront of the cam<3
Censored, because my mouth looks strange on it.

xD...actually we wanted to hug each other, but it looks...a bit strange.

Beki and Me


Nermin let me choose one of his bracelets as a present&I took "Forever" because I love the colour and the word. He´s a cute guy. :)

-> check out their blog:

Chemistry AIN´T boring!

I know that this post should be about P2 lipsticks~ BUT! something ordinary and fascinating happened on thursday!!!
My chemistry teacher is responsible for our safety at school. So we, as his students have the honour to help him out with the fire alarm practice. Every group of 2 ppl got a BALLOON!!! I grabed a pink one and was soo happy~<3
Really, I was soo curious because I´ve never seen a student doing this before LOL.

After the practice my classmate asked me for my balloon !!! :O
I was to be honest kind of freaked out...I mean that lesson was full of memorable<3 (I´m sure that it was my BEST chemistry lesson in my whole life!) But he told me that he will use my pink cutie-balloon to send a message to the world, which sounds beautiful in my ear~<3 I suppose, it is the best way to say good bye to Mr.Pink Balloon...he´s a balloon you know? He needs mother nature! ...ok now I´m getting freaky...

Here it is! *drum roll*

Need to censore my chemistry teacher and my brilliant classmate, because it´s not allowed to make photos during lessons. Even when I got my teachers permission. It´s better like that. Thank you for this wonderful lesson :D

"Make Somebody SMILE :)"

By the way, it got stuck between the high trees lol.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ISTFA , P2 Lipsticks & Yummi Foods (Part1)

On Sunday my sis, mom and me went to ISTFA (Internationales Stadionfest). Actually I´m not very sportive of neither interested in sport. LOL! But since my sister has tickets for it...there was no excuse for me.
Even though I was really amazed when it started, because there were competitions between schools, which were located in my area! o.o
I was suddenly so fired up~ xD Btw ISTFA is an event, which national & famous athletes come to compete each other~ Some of the German athletes will even participate the Olympiade 2012 in London! 
In the first part of this post I´ll show you some pics of it. In the second part I´m going to make a review of P2 lipsticks. So when you´re not that much into sport...- ->scroll down!
Mom,me&sis in front of the Olympia Stadion <3 kind of looking like tourists LOL!

pupils from Berlin&Brandburg schools
I forgot the English term for it, but I think it was one of the most interesting sport activity on that day! It was directly in my sight! well trained bodies btw lol!


Next Post will be about:
Fritz-Cola,Ben&Jerry´s Cookie Dough & P2 Lipsticks<3
I´ve deleted the pictures, which I´ve taken for the review. So I need to look for a sunny day to show you the power of the colourful lipsticks!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Macbeth & Geisha-Look / Magical Creatures by PLASTICIENS VOLANT!

So here is my update to our "MacBeth" Project :D A lot of people came also some teachers and pupil from my school! The project was from 31.8.11-2.09.11 every time on 17 o clock. :)
We as the choir and "divas" had a white mask and red lips, which make me looked like a Geisha xD kind of funny, to be honest. (Some ppl even didn´t recognize me!)
I removed the make up when I was at home, so every passerby was neither shocked or confused by my look :D I´m sorry if u were one of the unlucky one! I have to add that it was late evening when the play was over~

here are the photos of our make up/mask.The make up artists were really friendly and AWESOME!

(from right: Selle, Franzi,Kim&Moi) as you can see...the witches looked fabulous!)
I didn´t removed the red eyes because it has a nice effect on our outer appearances xD 

My face was as red as a tomatoe after removing the make up! I was rubbing and peeling it with all my power! ò.o

Don´t we look like mimes?

Impressiv work out right?

The witches<3


Just want to show some magical creatures from yesterday. I love fairy tales and all that mystical things.
I was kind of dissappointed because there were only few of them .___. even though a nice experience. A crab even attacked my mother LOL! But she slapped his back ROFL. 
Lecture of the day: Never fight against an Asian Mum or u will be cooked! ok ok..forget the last part.
The poster. Actually the picture was taken from last year.

dunno what it is...maybe a salamander?

Mystical birds?*RAWR RAWR*

My favourite one on this evening :D look at his smexy eyes! LOL

A beautiful and colourful birdie<333 She was 3 metres above me :D 
I felt like the Lion King beeing watched by an eagle. xD

Also don´t know what they were, but definetley colourful and creative creatures!

3 lovely Seahorses :D

Pyronale 2011 in Berlin

On saturday (03.09.11) I went with my sister and mother to Pyronale, which is a firework-world-champion event :D
Last year I went to this event and it was really amazing and beautiful. It has amazed me easily, because I LOVE GLITTER&SPARKLES!<3 and on saturday the sky was full of these shiney things<3
As far as I know...Russia,Poland,England and 3 other countries entered this competition (sry kind of forgetful x.x) and Poland won! :D

I made a lot of photos...but most of them are sry guys x.x I will upload some photos only T^T but also 2VIDEOS I deleted all the photos and pictures.... .__."

Imagine all these pictures would be 1000000x bigger in the reality!!!