Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zhen WaWa~

Before spamming you guys with my stuffs~

I would like to say special THANKS TO HAINE<3 She´s the greatest and the smartest "Bondie" of my whooooooole tiny little world. As you can see I´ve got a new stylish banner *nod nod*  "(_ _)" "(‘o‘)*"
Now guess who made it......*dam dam dam daaaaaaamm* Yes!
Correct answer: Haine Yoshitaka!
I really like my new banner because it´s plain but verrrryyyyy cute~<3
Thanks hun.<3

Now coming to "Zhen WaWa"~ What actually is ZhenWaWa? o.O
It´s a German group like a gal cir, but instead of accepting Gyarus we prefer all kind of Asian Styles (e.g. Ulzzang,Feizl,Lolita etc.).
ZhenWaWa is the pinyin for "Real Dolls". I think these words explain everything. We´re aiming for true persons, who don´t hide themselves under 5 tones of make up and photoshop (It´s totally ok to use make up and edit their photos, but it would be even nicer to recognize these ppl also in the reality LOL). And "dolls" does not mean that the style has to be cute only~ because there are also cool,sexy and hot ones.

Haine is the leader of the group and I´m the Co-leader. It´s not really international because we would like to do meetings. In this group we expect tolerance towards all kind of styles!
Feeling inspired/interested? ;D Leave a comment. Awake and show us the creative side of you.<3

P.S. Even when we´re opened for every kind of styles we can´t accept every entries, because we don´t want to be a large group. xoxo

Our Page -> http://fuckyeahrzhenwawa.tumblr.com/ 

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