Saturday, August 20, 2011

La bella Italia

Yesterdays Dinner~
Pizza with Bacon and Spinach (left) Pizza with sardines and olive, which tasted extremely salty!!(right)

Flammkuchen (made of onions,leech,pizza dough,cream and bacon)

Pizza Parma (kind of tasteless in my opinion .__.)

I was a bit disappointed of that restaurant. The waiter couldn´t understand or speak German at all and his English was sometimes not understandable, which caused to a wrong order. I would go crazy for Italian dishes..but this time it was more than a failure *sigh*. The food tasted like nothing or was too salty, even when it looked yummi! However there is a good point, namely: the pizzas were made of gluten free dough and spelled dough. I think it´s a nice and healthy idea. I wanted to try something new and that´s the result of it. But no more next time~

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