Monday, September 5, 2011

Pyronale 2011 in Berlin

On saturday (03.09.11) I went with my sister and mother to Pyronale, which is a firework-world-champion event :D
Last year I went to this event and it was really amazing and beautiful. It has amazed me easily, because I LOVE GLITTER&SPARKLES!<3 and on saturday the sky was full of these shiney things<3
As far as I know...Russia,Poland,England and 3 other countries entered this competition (sry kind of forgetful x.x) and Poland won! :D

I made a lot of photos...but most of them are sry guys x.x I will upload some photos only T^T but also 2VIDEOS I deleted all the photos and pictures.... .__."

Imagine all these pictures would be 1000000x bigger in the reality!!!

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