Saturday, May 19, 2012

Forever Domo Kun~ ♥

Nothing much this time.

Just want to show off ~ trollolol. Joking. My friend sent me a package last thursday..and it arrived today, even when he lives in Berlin!!! o____O


Well the postman looks really weird when I opened the door. I was standing in front of him in my pyjama with lots of little cute bear prints~ *cough* well I suppose that he was looking for a man, since there was a "Mister" infront of my name..~.~ whatever.

Ok shouldn't bore you guys anymore.

( ・_・) My room looks really messy and make up. Sorry. (・_・ ) 


Here's a random funny dumb fact about me:
I always thought, that Domo Kun was a TIN LOAF/broad and not a "normal" brown and  hairy monster. :X

Have a Domo Day♥

Friday, May 18, 2012

Gärten der Welt / Gardens of the World

My friend Ani came to Berlin and she wanted to see the "Gärten der Welt", which is a big park with different types of garden, such as the Korean garden, Chinese garden, Japanese garden, Basil garden, Renaissance garden (I think) etc. It was around mid- April. So at that time, it was totally perfect to pay a visit there, even when we needed an hour to get there.~

Ani and Me~♥

As we've arrived, we went through a path with fairy tales to get to the Korean garden first. ♥

It was funny to watch. But kind of...strange? Because you can hardly see the their faces...and the shapes are not that well formed...kind of dissapointed, since I love fairy tales.

The entrance of the Korean garden ♥

I was totally impressed by their architecture and buildings. It felt like, I would be in an ancient Korean drama, which I've watched before haha. (Dae Chang Geum♥)

The weather on that day was really...cloudy and a bit rainy, but luckily warm enough. ♥

Look! I'm not sure what it is. I liked them quiet a lot though. They look pretty cute. keke~
We've seen them several times in the Korean garden. ♥

The Japanese Garden. Probably, I've expected too much. In contrast to the Korean garden it was very plain, but still Japanese-like. Remember back, I think the Cherryblossom Day was a week ago, when I went to the Gardens of World. Even though we still could see some cherry blossoms, but mostly the trees were leafless.

The picture on the left side was taken infront of the Japanese Garden.

On the way~ with my thousand things... the Chinese garden! I wouldn't say, that the other Asian gardens weren't beautiful, but in my point of view...the Chinese garden was the best one. The imitations and the landsacpe look soooooo pretty ♥


Ani and Me playing tourism-camwhoring. PEACE (^_____^)Y

We had a break there with BUBBLE TEAS. ♪ I'm not a great fan of bubble teas, because nowadays everyone is running around with dat and feel like they were soooo trendy and there are also a lot of dumbasses, who are spitting the tapiocas around them. It's soo disgusting..~.~ 
Seriously..I've grown up with this drink and it kind of makes me sad, that most of them don't even know, where it comes from.
Kim has told me, that she has seen a magazine, which said that the "trendy drink comes from NEW YORK"...and I was like...DAFUQ? (/)__~) *facepalm*
It's not like that nearly only Asians sell it..noo noo...all illusions.
For people, who doesn't know, where it comes's from TAIWAN. (ASIA)

Since Ani had her birthday in dat day...a "cake" was a must-have. But on the next day I had to write an no time to bake one. I'm seriously sorry Ani...(>__________<)!!! I promise you that I'll bake one next time, when you visit me again.

Such a beautiful landsacpe, right? ♥

Peace~ xD
LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND ON THE PLAYGROUND FOR CHILDREN!!!! Red: a bakery!!! Blue: a tavern!!!
Soooo cute~♥
Ani resting in a dark hut *___* Well it was made for smokers...but we were really tired.

Our next stop was the Christian the golden cage was pretty done. It was full of words and sentences frm the bible.

 Last stop was the Balinese garden. ♥ They pattern on the wall was really detailled carved and in the middle of the garden was a small beautiful hut and a fountain *______* ♥

I really had a great time with you ♥ Even when it wasn't sunny or was a nice. Just heading out side by side.

Btw this is kind of out of topic. But finally my picture for mother's day is done. lol~ The colour isn't that well chosen I think..('-'*) It could be prettier...I've got a second canvase..I suppose that I'll make a better one for my mom.

Cupcake Day ♥

So on these free days between the exams..I took my time and met Franzi&Kim to make..*drum rolls* CUPCAKES. Actually, they said, that it is muffin...but they were soo tiny little and cute ♥...

There's a difference between cupcakes and muffins. But I'm not that sure about it. xD Well I suppose, that cupcakes are littly cakes..? and muffins have another ingredients..?

Da da damm~ I've seperated the dough in 2 bowls to colour them. Kim & Franzi have seen some Pokémon cupcakes on Tumblr and wanted to make some.

Before ~
They smelled like little egg tarts and remind me of dyed Spongebob Squarepants xD

Icing ~ I love the red one most ♥ Cause it looks bloody nice.

At the same time in the parallel world:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Birthday ♥

Hey Yoh! :D

Today was my last exam and it went totally bad..I was soo excited and was nearly about to cry during the examnination..xD
I was prepared for all topics except 2...and guess teacher, who is actually a really nice gentleman..has chosen these 2 topics. He was kind of despaired concerning asking me questions..but whatever...~ I can't change anything anymore.

My birthday was on saturday the 12th May. We don't celebrate birthdays to be I grew up witht his attitude, that birthday isn't really something big. I think it's okay, since I will be 19 for another 355 days~
I had celebrate my 18th birthday and some others, which I can't remember anymore lol..

Besides, I like to celebrate other birthdays than mine, because it makes me more happy to see my friends happy. ^___________^

Even though I've met a good friend of mine (for 2hours), whome you know from other posts...

Actually I wanted to meet my other good friends too..but my family wants me to get back home as fast as we can "celebrate" my birthday with a biiiig dinner~


DUNYA!..and me.

 Both of us were late for an hour, because I had a previleged luck. Namely a football game...the policemen cut the road..and I had to switch between several trains to get to my darling. ~.~

She made a little booklet and wrote down some thoughts and quotes AND has drawn something in it for every day till..September (?) *___* Well it made my day.

The birthday present of Ani also has arrived today (*O*)Y I was sooo curious about it. When I opened the package I found a birthday card and beautiful flowers *___* ♥

Have you ever seen such a cuuuute birthday card??? I love it.

The flowers are made out of plastic. But they're really beautiful. ♥ Thank you sooo much <3

And nooooowwwww~ in the inner part of the package...was a lil' package! and there were 2WIGS !
*______________________* I screamed like a fangirly ..and my bro was--> wtf? (/)__~) *facepalm* wigs are excuses for camwhoring right? ((((ヽ(`0´)ノ))))

Soo..sooo~ I was too lazy and too tired to put on make up. ( ̄(エ) ̄) should look at my awesome wigs and not my face trollolol~

This is my first wig~ I bought it a year ago, probably.

This pose is called Omg-I-Want-To-Puke :DD I've ever dreamed of dyeing my hair to pink trollolol~ Now, there is no need to damage it on purpose. It reminds me of Luka somehow and I think it will match to some cosplays outfits :D

The bang of it is really long..such as the pink one. I think I will clip it to the side..or cut it..? At least it's not too short :D I really love the combination of the 2 blue-ish tones. ♥

I've seen the wigs before on Ebay and we talked about it. She has said, that she will get me this one for my birthday lol..but I totally forgot it because of the exams and I thought it would be a joke... >__<~ Waaah still smiling even when I've failed today at school. finish this birthday(cup)cake.
The package..or the slogan of it is sooo cute&loveable~

my sis has reserved it and when she brought back the cute got damaged a bit. In my point of view, it is a bit tooo sweet~ but it is worthes it to try these lil yummies.