Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Woohoo! I´m Back

Ok...actually I´m back since saturday xD but school has started and everything needs an organisation~ T^T gonna be a tough year since I´m in the 13th grade now. *sigh*
Well my trip started in Cologne (western part of Germany) and the ship (Arosa Aqua) went along the river, which seperates mostly the countries Swiss,Germany and France from each other.
The ship was driving most of the time...and you´ve seen water...moutains...mini cities (where I could never live, because there´s NOTHING exept trees and vineyards!) aaand a beautiful sky, filled with lots of fluffy clouds and a shiny sun. Actually it sounds nice right? BUT! To be honest...it was getting boring after a while there were only old grandmas and grandpas somehwat around 50-60 (?) you couldn´t sat next to them and just have a chitchat .__.", because of that my daily activities was like that-> wake up-breakfast-tv-lunch-tv-tea time-tv-dinner-bar or sometimes just a beauty evening xD I had a lot of time to think about nonsense stuff *slober slober* DD:

Our cabin and the television which saved my entire week<3

 It´s a clock in Straßbourg I think....

 Sacher Cake

 BINGO with the grannies!My friend won a cocktail coupon...actually we were winning every time if we had a little more chance...we needed only 1 number every round T_T

Sun deck with my best friend.<3

Mountains and moutains and a river.
A beautiful Place, where I could never live<3
A blurred picture. *cough*

 Me and the biiig mountains. xD They reminds me of Hong Kong somehow. *sniff*
btw in the left corner you can see the ship.

The ship!

Lovely Snacks.<3

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