Friday, August 31, 2012

A small but nice Wedding ♥

Hey yo!

Can't believe what's goin' on's sooo hot over here x.x I don't even have the appetite to eat at all...
well coming to the main topic, I went to the wedding of Hing&Frankie on saturday.

 ♥ First of all, my turquoise dress is sewed by my auntie. Actually I wanted to do it on my own, but it turned out, that it is tooo difficult for me. My sweing skills are too nooby for it~ it didn't really identify with my imagination, but it came out very well. ♥

I embroided it with sequins, which I got from HK ♥ So it won't look too "boring". I wanted to underline the glamorous touch.
I made a flower accessory for my hair and made another one for my sister. In the next entry I'll post the tutorial for it. I think it's a great and totally EASY way to pimp up ur outfit and it fits to the shiny summer♥

My brother,mom and me drove to Brandenburg to a small lake (Boddensee), where the wedding party took place.

I didn't make any photos of the location itself, because when we arrived the ambulance came and the auntie from the bridegroom collapsed. In this case it would be a bit too disrespectful and didn't want to misbehave. Afterwards we were talking with the other guests and went around.

My first outfit ♥ I've prepared some other dresses for this wedding party, but I don't think that a short white-beige dress would be okay, because as you guys should know, that the colours black,white and red are absolutely a No-Go on a wedding.

Even though I chose an orange dress with a red undertone.

We had a buffet, which consists of potatoes, baked potatoes, rice, noodles,bread,fish, roast beef, hog roast with vegetables, vanille cream with strawberry sauce etc etc.
The variety of food/dishes were limited for a buffet, but it was delicious at least, which is the most important point ♥

Errm..yeah I changed my outfit and this is the dress, which my auntie has sewed. I also have a "Cheong Sam" (traditional Chinese dress, look at the purple "dress" on the right side), but I think, that 3 outfits would be too exaggerated, since I'm not the bride.

Finally the games. ♥ The bridesmaids have prepared little games for the guests, but the program has changed because of the time probs. Well they've think of two canvas and separated it into 6 pieces and 6 ppl got chosen to draw something for them.
I was one of them and was too busy with drawing to watch the games.

The bridegroom& the bride needed to saw through a tree trunk to show their team spirit.
cute idea.

I couldn't mix a beautiful light lilac for the background :'( So it turned out to a dramatic pic. Besides it was hard to think of something good in a sudden. I've drawn some more hearts on the tree. So it looks like, if the deafs are picking them out of the tree.
Yes. These thingies are DEAFS!

Other guests came and drew beautiful pics nearly at the end of the wedding party. Smart guys. btw. I was one of the first...~

lol...actually it was totally beautiful and it has 4 different types of tastes, which got me excited for sure!!!
They had chocolate,mango,strawberry and vanilla.

 Soooo cute the figures <3

 There was a nice gentleman sitting at our table..he managed to get every lady a cake (our desk) haha and he gave me his, because he doesn't like sweet stuffs, I think?
Well he was surely a nice guy. I had mango and chocolate :D Both of them were really sweet but okay. I didn't eat the cover thoug, because I dislike marzipan. :S

Well my mom chose vanilla, if I can remember back..and my bro strawberry, which means I could try all of the different tastes~ kekeke~<3

All in all. it was one of the best wedding parties in my life, till now. ♥

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Primark Grand Opening!!!

On the 11th of July, there was the Grand Opening of PRIMARK *-* !
My friends and me were so a year? haha ♥

It brings back old memories, because we went to London last year, as a classtrip and discovered the love to Primark.

Finally, we got there at 3 pm. There was a big crowd and ..yeah we needed to walk through a "barrier" (?) ~.~, like when you want to enter a club or a big event.
Well, I have to admit, that I'm slightly dissappointed. The architecture and settings were the same as the Primarks in England, but the taste of the clothes were...kind of.."childish" made. They had cartoon prints on the tops and the bags weren't beautiful at all .__. at least the ones, which we've seen.
We'll pay a visit again in 2 weeks probably. Since we've found nothing special, which attempted us.

Even though, I've seen ppl getting crazy and It was an omg-Primark-gonna-close-in-2 hours-forever atmosphere...It was cheap, no doubt. But it's still not a reason to go crazy.
A lot of turkish moms went there (No, I'm not a racist..just saying the truth) with their fcking BUGGIES and took all their children with them. It's not like there's already a lack of space, noo..ridiculous me.
I's ok to take their children with them...but they ran around, screamed like hell and hit me with their Primark-balloons, of course not on purpose..but it was really getting on my nerves, after a while. ~.~

Look at the background of it...and yeah,..Primark bags. Primark bags everrrrryywheeereee~

Nevertheless, I bought 3 pairs of earrings ♥ yay! and it didn't take long to pay it...double yay!♥
I only paid 5€ for it. I love the golden cross earrings most. It's plain, but still stylish. I was looking for it, for a long it was a must-have!

The day before, I went shopping with my mom and we were looking for fabrics. A good friend of us will get marry soon, so we decided to sew a dress. I'm looking forward for a waterfall shaped dress...I really love waterfall dresses&skirts. I will design it on my own and post it. ♥

 I really love the colour *q* When I was in HK, I've found these beautiful coloured sequins♥ and thought "Oh, they might be useful one day." And the day has come! I'm so proud of it lol. I think the colour matches to each other perfectly.♥

 On the way I've bought a polka dotted blouse and a simple blue top. The French hat (I suppose, it is called "Beret".) is from a good friend. Good chosen souvenir, my dear. ♥ x3

Aaaand the last picture for today:

I got my Hello Kitty key/hand necklace *O* and there was a Korean melon candy in the letter. Such a cute, idea. THAAANKIIES ♥

Thursday, July 12, 2012

YG Audition with Linh&Verenchen

This post is about the YG Audition in Berlin. The event was on the 23rd of June.
On this day I met a good friend of mine for the first time and gained a new friend. :) ♥

Linh and Me (forever big face q.q)

aaaaaaand Verenchen&Linh

Yeah they went to the audition. I didn't want to see people screaming because of my ugly singing,dancing or rapping, so I didn't participate. haha :D
In the lounge/waiting room, they've shown a concert of Big Bang through a beamer. It was kind of annoying after a while, because it repeated itself sooo often and we were there for 6hours lol. We didn't spend the whole time there, but most of it.

Linh had her appointment really early and Verenchen's appointment was nearly at the end of the event. What did we do during this time?
CAM WHORING. I think it was a good excuse to take thousands of photos. lol. Well we found a lot of similarities and could get good along with each other. ^__________^ I think I've known her for 2  1/2 years.

 look at the mirror! *O* it's a biiiiiiiig chocolate<3333333333
totally luvabler this mirror.

haha we tried to make good pictures, but we failed somehow. I know that I've got a flat nose, but it looks even more flat on these frustrating x.x
we were really tired of laughing and talking about POTATOES ♥

Thank you guys for the nice day♥ I really enjoyed it. :D

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Classtrip to Poland

Sup, duderiches? <3

Here is finally my post about my classtrip in Poland which was exactly a month ago.
So my friends and me took the train to Stettin first and landed finally at lunchtime in our booked mansion.

It was surrounded by mansions in different types, so I suppose that the place is especially for tourists.
I really enjoyed the view and atmosphere, but there were  roosters, which woke me up at 6 o'clock EVERY DAY.

Well we were there for 8 days (11.6.12-18.6.12) but we had nearly the same daily routine every day. (what a crappy sentence lol)

Cooking and eating was a big thing during this week, because at the beginning we didn't find the super markets and we were 22 people. Have I mentiond that the kitchen was as small as a bathroom? Well my friends and me splitted us from the big group, because it was hard to find the same taste and cooking for such a big group is a stressful work. Even though I enjoyed it.
Many people came to us and was "surprised" or rather curious about what we've had as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Afterwards we headed out to the beach. We only needed 15min. to get there by foot. We had to walk through a forest, filled with sand and there was a we called this place "Narnia/Slarnia", because after walking up a small sandhill you could see the baltic sea. And it was like ...WOW DIFFERENT AREA.

Picture was taken by a friend. no make up x.x sorry.

Ok on one day, we went to the city to go shopping, but it was a real small town with old fashioned shops. We went back to our mansion and headed out to the beach like every single day during the week.

In the evening we played some drinking games and watched the EM games sometimes. It was really funny, even when it sounds antisocial. We had a lot of fun, seing people drunken and goofying around.

On the 16th of June, we celebrated Lynn's Birthday in the evening. Mo and me, we placed some candles in the bathroom xD because it was really windy and rainy. Afterwards we went out to the campfire and played games again, lol. (Seriously the alcopops were really fruity and delicious. For those who are NOT 18 please don't feel attempt to get it.<3)

Epic candles for special b-day is epic.

ok. so it's just a short post about it, because I didn't took my cam along with me.

We went to the beach on the last evening.

No words can describe it.♥ I really felt in love with the sky, full of stars.♥ Of course you can't see anything on it because of the crappy handycam. (btw. it doesn't work either with a SLR cam...or it's just

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Graduation Day&Prom

I really thaught, that I will blog more, since I've got more leisure time now. But mistake xD I'm a bit too lazy atm and alomost spend my time outside.

So here's a short update to my graduation day and prom, which were on the 08.06.12 and on the 09.06.12.

My best friend's birthday was on 08.06.12. She decided to celebrate her birthday with her fam, Lynn and me with a lunch before the graduation.
My family joined me at school, afterwards...yeah it was pretty cool. Each class had his own song to walk in.
 I wore a white babydoll dress...and I realize that it looks pregnant on me xD Well i think the cutting is like this...can't help it.

I had to went to the stage four times..because of some special certificates and at the end we should sing "The Rose". The song was a success, when we had worked with the theater group (Macbeth). You can see the Macbeth post here:

 We didn't sing at that moment.

Errrm...afterwards we got drinks and we've met each other outside to make photos and drink some prosecco.


Prom! (09.06.12)

We celebrate it in Neukölln. I have to admit, that it looks great and the atmosphere was also nice. But it was reaaaally humid and stifling after a while. The room wasn't that large, even when they've said that the room is for around 900people and we were roughly 300-350...

My sister and my brother went with me to my prom and we were too late, because the policewoman had shown us the wrong location -.-.....there was another prom around. And nope..that's not my fault..I told her the adress...and she just pointed at a random building..I was kind of pissed off...but yeah there was no time. Some classmates had planned a program, so we won't get bored..but as we'd didn't even start properly because of techn. faults. ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

So we placed our stuffs next to my friends and got us something to drink first...which ended like this:

Imagine 60 more glasses with wine,prosecco and beer. Have I mentioned that we we're 6 ppl?

My sister and Me

As you can see...we had a TV there, because on that day, it was the EM-football game between Germany aand...ok forgot who else..but doesn't matter. All the male classmates wanted to watch it and warned us not to come, if they can't watch it. So this is our compromise. In my point of view it's really childish and stupid, because the prom can't be repeated. ...

The graduate students.

actually I wanted to my hair like the Gyarus...but I miscalculated the time..and nearly had no time to do my make up.

My next posts are about my trip to Poland with my classmates and the YG Entertainment Audition.

Stay tuned ♥

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Forever Domo Kun~ ♥

Nothing much this time.

Just want to show off ~ trollolol. Joking. My friend sent me a package last thursday..and it arrived today, even when he lives in Berlin!!! o____O


Well the postman looks really weird when I opened the door. I was standing in front of him in my pyjama with lots of little cute bear prints~ *cough* well I suppose that he was looking for a man, since there was a "Mister" infront of my name..~.~ whatever.

Ok shouldn't bore you guys anymore.

( ・_・) My room looks really messy and make up. Sorry. (・_・ ) 


Here's a random funny dumb fact about me:
I always thought, that Domo Kun was a TIN LOAF/broad and not a "normal" brown and  hairy monster. :X

Have a Domo Day♥