Monday, August 1, 2011


So...what did I do during this month besides shopping and sleeping~...EATING of course! I already made a what-I-want-to-eat-list before the trip. xD Yeah I piggish >3<

I think Hong Kong is very popular for its variety of food and love this side of it. I suppose that I won´t cook at home at all when I live on my own there and eat outside always~ It´s cheap and very delicious...It´s also the reason why I can gained 2kg!~ xD"

Pizza Hut
Chinese Bread (?)
Mango Tapioca (Sai Mai Lou) with Coconut

Wan Tan Noodle

Breaktfast at McDonalds!! YES THEY´VE GOT NOODLES! So freaking awesome o.o
Durian!! yes I tried it. To tastes like onion...but actually after a while it´s sweet and atcually..ok and not smelly :P
Sweet Tofu
Egg Tart

Ice Cream with Red Bean in FISH FORM! pure awesomness!

Mini Mango<3
Toast with dried seaweed and roasted sweet pork xD I like to try new things.

Chicken McNuggets with Kung Fu Panda!
Sauce: Garlic Chili Sauce, Honey Mustard Sauce, Sesame Sauce and Cheese Sauce for the Nuggets<3

 Chicken Curry with Rice<3
 Coconut Pudding with Red Beans<3
 Put Zhai Gou (砵仔糕) It´s a sweet sticky Pudding with Red Beans<3

 Read bean Ice Cream<3 It sounds strange& ewwie but it´s very delicious and doesn´t taste like vegetable<3

 Dam Choi Gou (Cantonese) somewhat with egg~
 Egg Puffs<333
 Chocolate Egg Puffs<3333

 Ham Sui Gok. Deepfried Dumplings with Meat in it
 Ha Gao (虾饺 ) Dumplings with Shrimps

 Some Chinese dishes~

NOW! some beautiful random pics


lol i nearly forgot the pics, which i took with my handy
 It looks sooo YUMMI<3 but it ain´t taste as good as his outer appearance...It´s a chocolate dome lol...only chocolate mousse and I don´t like cakes with cream ONLY!

 Chocolate Bubble tea<3
Ate it with my lovely cousin, XXL pizza<33 soo nice. It´s called Around the World Pizza lol.

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