Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dining with Fam&Uncle♥

We had a belated Christmas Dinner with a friend of us, yesterday. We were outside of Berlin and landed somewhere in Stahnsdorf! We checked out a new Chinese restaurant and I was amazed by the first impression. It was really big and it was decorated in different styles, but it doesn´t look weird or confusing...I have to admit, that it was really pretty. It was a big supermarket before so yeah I was really fascinated by the different corners. They even had a big stage for KARAOKE!! ~ ♫♪♫ But guess what they´ve played...old German hits and after a while some strange instrumental songs~ Didn´t match to the atmosphere to be honest...but who cares. The food was really good as far as I´ve tried. 

The waitress, who welcomed us was Chinese and she tried to speak Cantonese. She said: "Man man sei. Man man sei!"

Here some basic information:
Eat slowly/Enjoy eating in Chinese/Mandarin means "Man man chi", in Cantonese it is "Man man sik". But she had a "sei" in her sentence...what does it mean? "Sei" = "Die".

So, yea..u got it she wished us "Die slowly. Die slowly!" xD My family didn´t notice it and replied "Xie xie" (Thanks). My sister and me were laughing so hard, because of the waitress´s kindness!!!
btw the guy, who carved the vegetables to birds and flowers has made a flower for me and sis. hihi bought the Rose ring some days ago at Accessorize.♥

Okay coming back to the food part...They had various types of Asian food/dishes and also fresh meats(pork,beef,chicken,lamb etc.), fish,squids, shrimps, shark meat and also KANGAROO MEAT! 
seashells with vegetables
I tried Kangaroo meat...just a small slice. I know, that many ppl wants to kill me/giving me a lecture (especially the veggies) or making the ewww-how-disgusting- face. 
I was just curious, because I´ve seen a document about Australia, talking about the environment including gas emissions, culture and healthproducts. They think kangaroo meat is healthier than the usual meat, which we are used to and the good thing about it is, that kangaroos produce less Carbon dioxide.
In my point of view, Kangaroo meat tastes kind of dry...a mixture of beef and lamb? Well, I won´t try it again on purpose at least, but I won´t be disgustet of it.  

 Lol I love to eat. ♥ I Love Sushi.

Now here´s a game. Decide on which one looks more "edible".

I asked my sister to get more jelly for me with vanilla sauce. I thought...okay the sauce on the right side looks kind of too liquid, but okay maybe it´s another cream/sauce. I ate it...and I grabbed for a tissue to save my poor tongue! sister didn´t get the vanilla sauce..she got SALAD SAUCE/MAYONAISE for the jelly. She didn´t know that the vanilla sauce was in a bottle, not in a box. The salad bar was right next to the dessert. So...I wasn´t mad at her, since she was so kind and tried to fulfill my favour. But seriously..the taste was soooo disgusting....and believe me I´ve tried a lot of unusual variations and combos!!!
Even though it was a nice evening.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

♥ Merry Christmas to my beloved Stalkers♥ | ...Updates&Ice Cream fail?

Merry Christmas to all my beloved Reader and people all over the world

Dance to the beat,
Wave your hands together
Come feel the heat, forever and forever.~♪♫♪

Totally love this song.♥

Christmas is this year kind of strange to me. I don´t have the Christmas feeling at all nor am I in the mood to celebrate it. u.u"
It´s still not snowing...I´m mostly freezing for nothing and the sky looks very sad. Even though I´ve decorated the windows at least. My aim was to create a christmas atmosphere even if my family is not Christian haha~ We´ve got some traditions, since we´re living here for nearly 30years now. All what we do is having a big Christmas dinner and we´re sitting together in the living room...watching Asian dramas. LOL It´s not much but I´ve always enjoyed the time. Everythings have changed a bit, because my siblings and me need to prepare for our last year, finish exams etc. etc. We´re all under pressure and busy with other things.
So yeah...

I didn´t make a wishlist, because everything what I want can´t be bought. I don´t care about christmas prestents though. haha~ I´m so simple minded lol.
Nevertheless, I got some presents from some beloved friends and family ♥ I opened one present some days before Christmas (was ordered to do it) hihi~ I looked at it strangely for the first moment...the boxhad the same size as a shoe box! But the present was by a guy. So it can´t be shoes!
My face expression went from "( ̄ー ̄)..." to "( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Cool"  I didn´t know how to react. I was happy no offense, because I got a digital photo frame by SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!! LOL It´s not like I wouldn´t like Spongebob haha but I´m already 18...should act a bit mature. ヾ(´・ω・`) But you know what? 
I DON´T CARE! It´s sooo cute of him to think of something with Spongebob. I remember, when McD' had Spongebob as toys...and he seriously went to McD' and bought several Happy Meals LOL!! And he´s already an adult. Whatever~

I uploaded some pictures of my friends and me,family, food and Idols I like e.g. Tsubasa Masuwaka, Kumickey, Nana Suzuki, Mikki (Lee Yeon Ju) etc. etc. on my SpongiFriend. But during my sleep..I turn it off...the light is really reaaaaaaaaally bright x.x can´t sleep properly with this light next to me...I should put it on my working desk, I suppose...but I love to listen to music and remember all the good memories in my life before having a good dream.

Besides of this lil cute guy, I have or better to say I will get a pair of boots, which I´ve searched for a long time~ Wings...yea WINGS not chicken wings...but WINGS like fairies(sis has ordered it), ear muffs (by Dunya), a special present by my "twin" Petra ♥ and got money parents don´t know what to yeah. Probably not as much as other guys...but I´m fully satisfied, since I haven´t been looking for anything, exept my new pair of glasses xD~


hmm...what to tell...maybe a short update of our family day in a famous ice cream shop named: H. D. (abbreviation) shouldn´t talk about them that bad, because I like them though~

Yummy Ice Cream.
My family and I went out  to some Christmas Markets on an evening some days ago ♥ and we´ve booked a Chocolate fondue event thingy there. The shop was pretty nice, but the waiter or the guy who worked there was to say it..clumsy? We odered some other ice cream cups with different/special scoops, chocolate drinks etc. etc. but he took like nearly an hour to serve it!!! My sis and me were pissed off...even my brother wanted to complain and I´ve to add, that my brother is filled with patient o.O The thing is..the waiter always passed by and said "It´ll be done soon. :)" and he had served other ppl first, even when they came later!!!(Note: We´ve booked a table for a certain/agreed time/appointment. I don´t know how to say it <.< excuse me.) 

So after an hour...he came with the Chocolate fondue and the other ordered ice creams variations. You could choose between white chocolate and bitter sweet chocolate for the fondue...I took bitter sweet chocolate...and it tasted like milk chocolate? I don´t hate milk chocolate...but I want to get this, what I´ve ordered and payed for. Furthermore the ice cream, which my sis got, was melting down the glasses extremely. lol...but well he was so kind and changed it....wasn´t a big difference, but he did it at least without any bad-face changing expressions.♥

Now coming to the finish part...we left and there were other people, who ordered the fondue thing...I peeked at it and they had bigger scoops!!! ò.ó I love ice cream...I love H. D....but this time they´ve disappointed me extremely, because we´ve paid nearly 30€ just for ice cream ?!

ok ok ~ no more complains anymore
( ∂_∂ )...
I´ve entered the Christmas Competition of German Ulzzang and got the 2nd place!LOL I only joined because of rising up the team spririt...haven´t think of winning. I had imagined something else, but because of school, I wasn´t able to make it realise...and it didn´t snow though~  .________.

The main point of this competition was to look Christmas-like hihi hoho~
My pic:

Not really thaaaaaaaat beautiful. I´ve to admit it. But I think it´s the creativity, which leads me to the 2nd place ♥ There were 4places and the 1st place picture was daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn nice and pretty ♥ Other ppl who entered also had nice pics *♥*

My prize:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Broken glasses & Make up meets school opinion♥

I know from friends, that other schools have holidays since yesterday, but sucks sometimes.

I broke my glasses some days ago and to be honest...I´m totally helpless without my glasses, because I´m mostly blind. The distance between my face and the display of the computer is 10cm, I suppose? Even though I won´t disappoint my lovely stalkers/readers! ÒwÓ Many people has asked me already what happened to my glasses. It´s an embarrassing story xD well well...I sat on my glasses and forgot totally that I had put my glasses on the couch. Actually it was bent only, but as stupid as I can be...I tried to repair it and broke the earpiece...( ̄~ ̄;)....I went to the opticianist and they told me that they have not the materials to replace it. The reason is, that my glasses are already 5 YEAR OLD!!! I know right...totally antique. I was surprised, too. Because I´ve been wearing glasses for more than 10 years and had 3 or 4 pairs of glasses already. (LOL!) 
I hope, that my seesight won´t get even worse T^T...So my present for this a pair of new glasses? I´m thinking of nerdy ones.., but I want neutral ones. (better to chose my outfits without a nerdy touch everytime)

I need an eyesight test to get a new pair of glasses. Have you ever known that you´re not allowed to wear contact lenses for 12-24hours, if you want to do the test? Well, I wrote a mathtest and had a history presentation about Hitler, yesterday. )ikr. sooo interesting...not) I´m wearing circle lenses in my school times, which means ..tomorrow-> new glasses&new image/outter appearance? It´s kind of funny that most of my classmates haven´t realized that I´m wearing lenses. I told them and they were more surprised than shocked or scared. Some of them even fell in love with my lenses and looked at me the whole time. haha  I chose the Nudy Grey ones, because the Mimo Blue Diamonds are too huge. I won´t survive at school, wearing this biggies for 9 hours and let me remind you that I had to search for informations for my presentation, which means additionally 65746jh5ü4#6@54 hours! I´m kind of worried about my eyesight atm...hope these days haven´t affected them.

todays school look
A lot of people, who don´t know me thaaat well are shocked about my outter appearance at school and private. I split my outfits from school and my privacy.
Normally I don´t give a damn about my outter appearance at school.
Because it´s just school. A place, where you should learn and expand your knowledges. I´ve got the impression that many people mixes it up with the catwalk! Some of the pupils even look to say´s like:"oh-let´s-go-party-hard-after-school" (already seen some of them in clubs with the same outfit) or a competition of the amount of make up in da face!!! I bet that they wake up 1hour earlier to do the make up. I love make up,no offense, but I´m too lazy...I´d rather sleep an hour longer than making myself pretty for boys I don´t even care or better to say...I won´t put any efforts to pretend to be someone else. If these younger girls do it for impressing the boys...honestly...I think you´re scaring them. It´s okay to put on mascara or underline your eyes, but keep the 2cm of powders away from your face. It will only clog your pores and leads to bad skin. 1mm of happyness pwdery is completely enough! Just don´t forget to remove it properly. Remember! Confidence is the true way to convince people.

Okay okay coming back to myself. I LOVE FASHION♥ I wanted to be a designer, when I was young, but I don´t have the confidence to do it. I know that better designers exist on the Earth. I´m not sad even though, because designing, sewing and all these stuffies are parts of my hobbies. I enjoy it from the bottom of my heart. I don´t feel pressured, because I have no concurrences.♥
I´m totally inspired of Asian Fashionstyles e.g. Ulzzang,Fob Style, Gyaru, Visual Kei, Lolita etc.etc. but also Scene Style gets my attention.♥ So awesome.♥ I also LOVE make up ♥ To me, Make up is more than "making up" something or´s ART ♥ I´m totally a fan of manwomanfilm (Youtuber, Make Up Guru in Japan) She really reminds me everytime, that make up is the same tool as a pencil/paint-box/water colour etc. and your face is the paper, which you´re letting your creativity free. I´m still a noob concerning using make up. My friends told me earlier that I look better without make up xDD which means FAIL FAIL FAIL!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I will always wait for you, Snow. feat. Random Events lately

It snowed yesterday. Even when it was raining. I´ve seen Snow. ♥

This Santa kind of looks h♥rny. LOL! (LOL= Lots of Love)
 I love Snow Globes ♥
Because I fell in love with Snowflakes. Every time, when I´m desperated, stressed or confused...I look at it. It´s like real magic to me, because I can rest in my mind for a while and just look at the Snowflakes, which are dancing in front of my eyes.
So dear Heaven. Let it Snow, please. T^T
 Have I mentioned what I got for St. Nicholas' Day(6.12.11)?!
No? So here we are.
Actually I´ve lost my feel for the dates totally. When I was half asleep at midnight...suddenly the thought came in to my mind! I forgot to put a shoe/boot outside! I know that I´m kind of too old for this anymore...but who cares? Tradition is tradition.
But somehow I was really really disappointed about the Ü-Ei (ÜberraschungsEi = Chocolate Egg with a surprise in it. Mostly a small toy or plastic figure).
Now look what I´ve found inside!!! >>>>>>
A BIG SHEET OF PAPER!!! WTF? I remember, where I used to have toys!!! It´s getting so cheap. So sad, so sad. But what to do? I should act mature enough at least and shouldn´t complain about it.

At least the chocolate stays the same.

Hihi it´s also old. But I´ve sent a present to a good friend (Ani). She´s in Australia at the moment. I´m missing her, even when we don´t talk that much anymore *sniff* T^T Hope she´s doing fine there and can celebrate Christmas happily.


The school of my ChristmasAngel had opened a Christmas Market last saturday♥ We met each other and I´ve helped her out a bit and wanted to see the decorations and YESH! *-* The stands were soo beautifully decorated with stars made out of paper in different sizes, cloths, candles etc.etc..♥ Totally amazed by the look. There were too many people, who were standing in front of the different no photos of the beautiful places <.<" kind of annoying.
Even though I´ve enjoyed the atmosphere ♥ What a pitty that my school doesn´t offer this Event.
Dunya´s parents and siblings came to pick her up and asked me to join them. I was soo happy q.q because for the first thing, I can´t remember the way back. Secondly, I don´t know much people from her school or neither knew where I was. Thirdly, her family likes me Q.Q ♥

Friday, December 16, 2011

Pokémon ftw!

this colour = German/deutsch

this colour = English

I suppose that everyone of you love Pokémon :D I you seriously know any Pokémon Haters???
At least it´s not imaginable for me, who has grown up with Pokémon. You´re never too "old" to play Pokémon.
So...why coming to this topic suddenly?
I´M PLAYING POKÉMON ATM! AND YESH! I´M ADDICTED TO IT. But guess what? I´m playing it not on my NDS Lite, PS2, PSP, Gameboy or whatever...I´m using MSN for Pokémon lol!

Well you don´t have a map or neither can see you´re Pokémons or other Persons. But you can challenge your friends on msn <3 Isn´t it loveable?
The best thing on it...You start with "ICHAL" and type "Go"Name" (e.g. Go Fluffy Unicorn!) and their abilities appear automatically. Of course your opponent is also allowed to call something weird out, which doesn´t make sense.
Kind of hard to describe it...Get msn plus and download from this site, if you´ve became curious:

You´re friend doesn´t need MsnPlus or this game at all. Only one person must have it. Perfect Game<3

Omg *-* Ich liebe Pokémon und glaube auch, dass alle Pokémon lieben♥ Zumindest kenn ich bis jetzt niemanden, der Pokémon nur annähernd hasst D: Ich mein, ich bin damit aufgewachsen und heutzutage gibt es immer noch Pokémon. Also kann man es gar nicht hassen oder? <3
Nun ja seit Langem hab ich Pokémon nicht mehr gespielt, aber ein Freund hat es mir gezeigt und ich bin total BEGEISTERT ♥ Ich hatte soo viele Lachflashes bis Tränen kamen!
Das Beste daran ist, dass du "Go"Name" (z.B. Go Fluffiges Einhorn) sagen muss und dabei kannst du so kreativ werden wie du willst♥ Davor musst du oder jem dich challengen durch "ICHAL". Die Attacken sind auch freiwählbar aus deiner Kreativität.♥ Zwar hat man kein Map oder überhaupt Bilder, aber dafür dass MsnPlus sowas anbietet ist schon hammer♥

Übrigens könnt ihr das von hier aus downloaden:
Nur eine Person musst das downloaden und MsnPlus besitzen. 

Have Fun & Never feel hate towards Pokémon, cause it´s too awesome.

Monday, December 12, 2011

OMG! OMG! OMG! German Ulzzang rocks!

this colour = German
this colour = English

I´ve joined a group some weeks ago :D
It is called "German Ulzzang" and I really love the group, because you can feel the team spirit. Everyone is helping each other without knowing the other that much :D ♥
Someone in the group made a video with our pics. In my opinion the effects and the music she used, is sooo nice *-* Such a good job ♥ Totally amazed and fascinated how many ppl cares for the fashionstyle "Ulzzang" in Germany!

Vor ein paar Wochen bin ich in eine Ulzzang Grupe (German Ulzzang) eingetreten und bin total fasziniert von dem Teamgeist, weil sie auch extremst freundlich miteinander umgehen und sich gegenseitig helfen, obwohl sie sich nicht so lange kennen :D ♥ Ich weiß, dass das "normal" klingen sollte, aber heutzutage empfinden viele sowas enicht mehr als selbstverständlich <.<
Nun hat bzw haben sich paar Freiwillige erklärt ein Video aus den Bildern zu machen und da ist es! ♥
Leider kann ich es nicht direkt hochladen .__. aber Link funktioniert trotzdem.

Somehow I can´t load it up D:
But check it out on Youtube:  ♥

So what does "Ulzzang" means?! o.O

Ulzzang (pronounced uhl-jang) translates to "best face" or "good looking" in Korean. This slang is often used by netizens, contests including girls & boys competing for the title of "ulzzang". However, even if this is true, Ulzzang has developed into a subculture/style, rather than a competition/contest event.
We're searching more German Ulzzangs. :D

Jedenfalls haben wir diese Grunde gegründet um einige Deutsche Ulzzangs zu finden. Es gibt leider so wenige in Deutschland. Deshalb suchen wir Mädchen & natürlich auch Jungs die welche sind oder gerne welche werden möchten. Wir helfen gerne bei Styletipps. Oder wenn ihr Circle lenses braucht werden wir das Netz abklappernund euch die besten und Günstigsten Angebote zeigen ! Und ganz besonders werden sowie "Wettbewerbe, Treffen & Projekte" statt finden. Also seit dabei, Und Lerne viele nette Leute kennen.

P.S. Tomorrow is my last exam D: wish me luck ♥! It´s psychology x.x

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random Stories from my daily life.

Today I spent 5hours at school to write my music exam...I think it´s rather exhausting than the English exam. X___X
Afterthat I went to gym and stepped 245floors up..yeah it´s kind of crazy,  but since my psychological part = the brain was dead (BIGGEST BRAINFART EVER ♥)...I don´t need my physical part = the body anymore.
haha joke. I felt really relieved after doing yeah it was a quite good idea. I would recommend it to every person, who are psychologically dead after hard works.

My sister called me to get some daily need stuffies~ and was searching for a product..but guess what I´ve found...
...You would never think of it... the other thingy of tampons(needed when women have their periods), which term I don´t know..FOR MEN!
Yeah, I know right..why does a man need it?! I was laughing so much that tears were rolling down my cheeks xD! Because on the back side you could see how to use looks like thin pampers to me...and the subtitle was also nice..."For troublesome/tough/unpleasant smells"!

If someone of you know...what to do with it...can you please tell me? :D I´m sooooo curious. haha

But compared to yesterday it was nothing...I had 4 free lessons before having English. So I went to my friend´s home.
She asked me for the time and I looked at my handy since I don´t have the habit to carry a watch with me...and here in Germany, you need to show your ticket to the bus driver during this, my friend and I were discussing about food for housepets in deepth (don´t ask me why lol)...and suddenly she laughed really loud...and I asked her what happened?


and I was xD nooo way..and looked at my left hand...I was still holding it.
The funny thing is...I wouldn´t notice that, if she had not told me anything at all...and the bus driver even nodded without any strange or special face expressions!!!

and now coming to my beautiful HANDY DISPLAY:

Either the bus driver was too bored of his life or he was too shocked of this smexy pic that he just blend it out and nodded.

It´s from ParadiseKiss (I LOVE THE MANGA SOO MUCH ♥)

Thanks, my stupidness♥

Saturday, December 3, 2011


btw it´s a -cough-plastic-cough- flower in our living room :D~

Hihi~ I´ve baked cookies again. So I can improve my skills and make it edible :D~
I don´t know what´s going on in the cookies...but it´s always so funny, that the cookies taste really...disgusting for the first moment, but after a tastes SOOO DELIGHTFUL & YUMMY ♥
I think it´s MAGIC or someone is pittying me&has changed them. :D~
Well ppl, who has never baked cookies before...don´t throw them away and let them fool you or you will regret it!

My mom is already annoyed by my new hobby lol. I think I´ve baked every weekend for 2monthes and as you should know...cookies consist of TONS of BUTTER, SUGAR,flour and again SUGAR (decoration) in other words...FAT

This time I tried chocolate duo cookies, lemon-vanilla Kipferl and almond chips/waffle ♥
I was really surprised when I looked at the amount of the ingredients...because butter wasn´t needed that much, which is of course better for our health right?


btw these are hello kittys with a bake-hat :'D

I´ve listened to this song during decorating the cookies ♥ I´S PONPONPONDDICTION!!!! I suppose, it was more than a 10min. challenge haha. Enjoy it <3

P.S. it´s not the full-version!