Monday, August 1, 2011

My super duper trip to Hong Kong!

So this is my first post! hurraay! :D

I was in Hong Kong for vacation during the first month of my holiday.

The weather there was either extremely hot or extremely rainy, because of that I was kind of lazy to go out -__-" But! Somehow I managed to get out to Mong Kok(旺角), which is in Kowloon (九龍) and I´ve been to Yuen Long(元朗), Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀)and Tai Mo Shan (大帽山) as well. It´s awesome there, because there are many different shops for every ppl who desire like shoes,clothes (from Japan and Korea<3),jewelries,electronics,food etc. :D

All in all, I´ve experienced a lot in this month and I don´t know where to start. So I will spam my blog with pictures.A Picture describes more than 1000 words, right?!

 The legendary Sports Corner!\(--)/
 My family and I walked to the hills in the morning to sniff some fresh air (  ゚,_ゝ゚) It was always around 7am...u.u so tired~
Weather of the first and second week *sigh* .__. Trust me. The raindrops were big and NOT fluffy!

We caught fishes and turtles here! o.o
 Daddy with uncle looking for more fishes :P
 Woohoo<3 Now we´ve got 11 turtles at home.CAN ANYONE BEAT MEH?! *evil laugh*
btw. Yeah we are Chinese and no we are not interested in eating them! ò.o

Family trip to Tai Mo Shan (大帽山) (kind of reminds me of Heidi especially with the cows)


  1. fitness corner... geil ! XD es gibt in hk sogar extra makierte wege für jogger habe ich gehört ^^ hehe, bei solchen trips muss man IMMER früh aufstehen =_= finde es auch voll ätzend D:
    die landschaften sind so schön *_*

  2. Danke<33
    Es kommen noch mehr Landschaftsbilder bloß i-wie keine Zeit gehabt.
    btw. in dem Fitness Corner gabs i-wie so Geräte wie im echten Fitnessstudio bloß aus Holz. xD