Monday, January 2, 2012

belated HAPPY NEW YEAR ♥

I don´t know why, but I still haven´t realized that we´ve 2012 atm. LOL I surely will write 2011 on the upper part of my papers for sure. I´m so slow. haha We didn´t celebrate New Year properly...somehow I wasn´t in the mood, but it was nice to see all the Bling Blings in the sky. ♥
This year I´ve set some goals.

1. Passing through my final exams! If it´s possible, as much points as I can get.
2. Expand my knowledges.
3. Improving my Chinese (writing and reading)
4. Get into a university
5. Spread out more positive energy and make ppl around me happy!
6. Maybe get a better looking body? haha -Work out!
7. Improve my style and make up skills also hairstyles!
8. blog more!
9. Getting rid of my shyness ê.e
10. ...etc.

Surely have more desires/wishes, but let´s be realistic, okay?

Today I´ve been spending my time with Rage Comics! I really laughed hard in front of the computer, which makes me look like a perfect nerd. What a luck, that my glasses are broken lol

I´ve made some Rage Cartoons by myself. So I´m beginning with my 5th wish/goal!
 It´s by anonymous, because I haven´t registered at that time.

Have a great time. Maybe my cartoons are lousy, but I won´t stop trying for a small grin at least. :) ♥

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