Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gyaru Hair Inspiration - Curl-Experiments

Ok her hair isn´t curled....but I found it..and OH EM GEE~ SO PRETTY HER MAKE UP! Love SPARKLES*^*

Today I want to talk about curls...okay curled hair.(sounds better)
My hair structure is wavy most of time...so neither full straight or curled....it annoys me sooo much, because straight hair or curled hair are needed for my hairstyle try-outs and I´m not a fan of using straightner...to be honest...I use the old fashioned curler xD and also other methods e.g. socks. My biggest inspiration for hairstyling will be always the Gyarus. 
(also Scene-Style, when it comes to layered&puffy hair)
I can look at their (Gyaru) pictures the whole day long haha I´m totally amazed by their outfits and styling! They probably need hours to do their hair and make up. It´s kind of sad that all ppl says that Gyarus are totally fake...well sure they use lots of make up. You compare them with their natural face (without any make up) and before having their surgeries always. It´s normal that they look "uglier" then. You´re just used to their looks with make up. What pisses me off most are ppl saying that Ulzzang (Korean word for:Best face) are sooo much naturally! NO WAY! They also had surgeries and they also wear wigs/extensions and if they had not any surgeries...it´s hardcore photoshop then. Well...let´s talk about it another time. Getting late now and I´ve got school tomorrow. u.u

Now the real part:
YUMACHI LOVE♥ Her curled hair is always the best in my point of view.
Another Yumachi pic♥

 Nana Suzuki♥ Love her soo much. Pretty like hell even without make up!

This is Hime-Gyaru. It´s pretty normal to have soo much and big curls.Like A Princess!
(btw. she´s probably wearing a wig and/or tons of extensions like all the other girls here *cough*)

Loose curls are also shoooo pretty♥But it doesn´t last that long, when it comes to my hair u.u
                                                                                                          Aine Tanaka is one of my role model♥
Short Curls but still SUPER CUTE ♥
Nana Suzuki also inspires me a lot♥
Totally LOVEABLE! Romihi is one of the best Gyaru concerning dying hairs. I also like her a lot, because she goes her own way of style. She´s faithful to herself.♥ 
Definitely a strong-charactered Gyaru, next to Tsubasa Masuwaka.

Here are my curling experiments so far. Kind of poor compared to them.^-^ Most of the pics are already posted...I need to go to my old computer to get my other pics with curled hair. So this post will be definitely updated another time.

 Good Night.


  1. u da bad girl on da last pic! rawwwr

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    1. danke<333 müssen mal wieder zusammen pics machen xD!

  3. whaa hehe kawaiii !!! x3 nana suzuki's berry cute but i love tsubasa chan more x3

  4. Omg I heard about this style from a friend, I'm definitely gonna try this out<3 SOOO KAWAI ��������������