Monday, January 16, 2012

The Power of Make Up? | 2 Days without technology.

Actually I shouldn´t be here and spend my time with blogging. But since my Englishteacher made an experiment with us some days ago...I think it´s alright and should give myself a break. The story of our experiment: 

We´ve got technology as our main topic atm. My teacher decided that we shouldn´t use the computer (incl. internet), handy, television,mp3/ipod etc. etc. well nearly everything, which where invented after 1926!!! 
I know that 2 days don´t sound much. But trust was like hell. Right after the English lesson, we were forced to turn off our handys. Even though, we (the pupil) has started complaining xD So we made a compromise and were allowed to use our phone(fixed network) at home and cassette tapes/cassette recorder WITH ANTENNA!
When I arrived home, I stood infront of the living room with closed eyes, because I knew that my mom was watching television and screamed "TURN OFF THE TELEVISION!! TURN IT OFF!! AAAHHH TURN OOFFF THE SHIIET!".(turned paranoid somehow lol) my sister and mom looked at me thought I had lost my nervse completely xD I´ve told them about my project...and they laughed at me very hard T^T My sister even said, that I deserve it. Nowadays children are sitting too often and too long ifront of any medias. Now I should take the time and feel a book. YUPP not reading....but feeling a touching the cover and the to feel the soul of a book maybe? Well I´m not sure about it.

I went into my room with the telephone...sat between my television and computer...and started to call my best friend. We met each other later with 2 other friends (same class, same project & same sorrow). We dined at "Tomasa" and had a great time <3 Even chit chatting, gossiping,enjoying our meals took only 2 1/2 hours!!! What to do? We went to McDonalds...I KNOW RIGHT!!! Of course it makes sense to drive with the cars to McD' with a full tummy. We can order soft drinks and feel a new atmosphere right? 
The interesting thing was...I met a good McD' 10pm? She sat directly in my view with her boyfriend...and over them there was a FREAKING PLASMA TV ABOUT FASHION!!! It was so hard to ignore it T^T.....but I could do it.Nhaa okay I peeked at it for one second...but not on purpose.. >.< Right after McD', we went home...I realized, that I´ve got plenty of I put a mask on...and started went sleep at midnight.

 Second day was okay-ish, since I´ve got school till 3pm and later on private lessons for 1 1/2 hours. I had a nap afterwards till evening. LOL So i kind of succeeded the project and went online. I had nearly 300 e-mails. So scary...

Well all in all, it was a nice experience to find out how it is surviving the daily life without any digital tools.
I found out that lots of classmates didn´t even dare to stick to the rules, which pissed me off totally. Even though, it´s their disadvantage, because they don´t know how much 1 hours is worth it. I did soo many things in a short time...and started to continue some hobbies, which I´ve left somewhere uncompleted such as pictures...The influence of medias are really amazing. Keep in mind, that you won´t get addicted, lovely.

Btw. I found out that purple eye shadow really fits to grey eyes lol and yupp. I always fail at using make up. Nothing new right? xP

Before and after (left pic was taken some years ago. I look like 12yr old compared to the right pic.LOL a guy asked me some days ago, if I were 21!! And another guy told me that I look like a 14yr old.)

Me without any make up or photoshop.BAREFACE AAAHH *running in circles*. A reason why I didn´t maximized it.

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