Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Glasses and Cookie Love ♥

My friend Ani came back from Australia like nearly one week ago and today I got a package from her *-* It was filled with HOMEMADE! COOOOOOOKIIIEES ♥ SO ADORABLE!!!and 2 figures <3 well I need to share the cookies and 1 figure with someone, who baked with me the cookies for lovely Ani. Such a good good girl ♥
Mine looked really crappy compared to hers u.u

Now my new glasses. The clerk was after a while kind of desperated...I was sooo glad that he has found this pair after an hour. Really...I´m not in to glasses thaaat much...he wasn´t really satisfied with it,because he wanted something special and a more appealing pair... but I told him that I want to have casual glasses, because it´s less stress for me to get the right outfit and make up colour lol He agreed with me and ordered it in this colour (CHOCOLATE BROWN♥)...at this time he only had ORANGE...

There´s not a big difference in contrast to my old one.



  1. Oh ! you look so adorable *o*
    and those cookies look so yummy i bet it taste yummy to :3
    oh and thanks for clicking and visiting me i mean my blog ^_^

    p/s can i have some of those delicious looking cookies *O*

    1. awh thankies <3
      *^* of course. take as much as u want ♥

      btw. tried to follow, but it doesn´t work. spamming clicks on the "follow" button at the corner, but nothing pops up ;^;