Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dining with Fam&Uncle♥

We had a belated Christmas Dinner with a friend of us, yesterday. We were outside of Berlin and landed somewhere in Stahnsdorf! We checked out a new Chinese restaurant and I was amazed by the first impression. It was really big and it was decorated in different styles, but it doesn´t look weird or confusing...I have to admit, that it was really pretty. It was a big supermarket before so yeah I was really fascinated by the different corners. They even had a big stage for KARAOKE!! ~ ♫♪♫ But guess what they´ve played...old German hits and after a while some strange instrumental songs~ Didn´t match to the atmosphere to be honest...but who cares. The food was really good as far as I´ve tried. 

The waitress, who welcomed us was Chinese and she tried to speak Cantonese. She said: "Man man sei. Man man sei!"

Here some basic information:
Eat slowly/Enjoy eating in Chinese/Mandarin means "Man man chi", in Cantonese it is "Man man sik". But she had a "sei" in her sentence...what does it mean? "Sei" = "Die".

So, yea..u got it she wished us "Die slowly. Die slowly!" xD My family didn´t notice it and replied "Xie xie" (Thanks). My sister and me were laughing so hard, because of the waitress´s kindness!!!
btw the guy, who carved the vegetables to birds and flowers has made a flower for me and sis. hihi bought the Rose ring some days ago at Accessorize.♥

Okay coming back to the food part...They had various types of Asian food/dishes and also fresh meats(pork,beef,chicken,lamb etc.), fish,squids, shrimps, shark meat and also KANGAROO MEAT! 
seashells with vegetables
I tried Kangaroo meat...just a small slice. I know, that many ppl wants to kill me/giving me a lecture (especially the veggies) or making the ewww-how-disgusting- face. 
I was just curious, because I´ve seen a document about Australia, talking about the environment including gas emissions, culture and healthproducts. They think kangaroo meat is healthier than the usual meat, which we are used to and the good thing about it is, that kangaroos produce less Carbon dioxide.
In my point of view, Kangaroo meat tastes kind of dry...a mixture of beef and lamb? Well, I won´t try it again on purpose at least, but I won´t be disgustet of it.  

 Lol I love to eat. ♥ I Love Sushi.

Now here´s a game. Decide on which one looks more "edible".

I asked my sister to get more jelly for me with vanilla sauce. I thought...okay the sauce on the right side looks kind of too liquid, but okay maybe it´s another cream/sauce. I ate it...and I grabbed for a tissue to save my poor tongue! sister didn´t get the vanilla sauce..she got SALAD SAUCE/MAYONAISE for the jelly. She didn´t know that the vanilla sauce was in a bottle, not in a box. The salad bar was right next to the dessert. So...I wasn´t mad at her, since she was so kind and tried to fulfill my favour. But seriously..the taste was soooo disgusting....and believe me I´ve tried a lot of unusual variations and combos!!!
Even though it was a nice evening.

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