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I was from thursday (19.1.12) - sunday (22.1.12) in Hamburg ♥ I didn´t skipped school no worries.
It was a trip with my music class, which consists of 8 ladies (incl. me) and my headmaster, who is also my music teacher. Last year, we also went to Hamburg to study but we only stayed for 3 days. We decided right after the trip, that we definitely need to repeat it! So there we were!♥

Day 1 On the way to Hamburg

My friend Mo (same class) was so friendly and offered me pick me up, since we´re living in the same area. I hurried up to the bus station so we can start punctually from her place, but the bus came some minutes earlier and I couldn´t run with my suitcase and bag...û.u I really started to panik, because the next bus would came in 10min. and the walk to her takes additionaly 15min!!! I called her immediately and after a while she picked up her phone...I asked her what to do...and that´s what she said "You know that I´ve told you, that our meet is at 9.30 am right?" me:"Yes!!!AND WE´RE TOO LATE. I´M SO SORRY", she: "It´s 8.30, dude."

xD...Yesh I´m the most intelligent person on this world! Well at least, better too early than too late! :'D

The train started at 10 am and I played Pokémon during the whole trip to Hamburg. After arriving, we went to our hostle and unpacked our suitcases. The room was very clean compared to last time.

picture of the room will come soon~<3 and me playing Pokémon lol [btw my friend is leaning on my shoulder.]

Afterwards we split our group and searched for Cup n Go. We missed it soo much, that we´ve decided for SMASHED POTATOES WITH SOUR CREAM,CORN,CHEEEEEEEESEEE♥♥♥ & Salt. It sounds really simple right? But it tastes sooo goood.

 And we met each other at 5pm again to visit "BEATLE MANIA!". It´s in the near of the famous area "Reeperbahn".
It has 5 floors and every of these rooms were decorated sooo nicely ♥

Look at these HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE HEADPHONES!!! You could listen to Yesterday and Yellow Submarine ♥ Yes Yes a very cute idea.

There was also a room, where you could record your singing and buy it on a usb-stick♥

shoooooooooo colourful ♥


This was personally my favourite one. It´s dedicated to their song "Yellow Submarine" and it really looks like one *-* You could push on buttons and it made strange noise lol...

My dinner ♥

Pasta to go. Flavour: chicken&curry. It really looks pretty good..but it tasted like..nothing? it´s kind of interesting that food can taste neutral wasn´t natural...but neutral.

At the End of the day we rested in our rooms and had a typically girly chit chat ♥


Day 2

We woke up at 8 am, I guess and prepared ourselves for the breakfast and went on to search for the school, where we had stayed for 2days. It was a cloister school, well originally it was a cloister for women, but it turned to a high school.

The headmaster of the school gave us a room in container. To be honest...I´ve never seen a container in/at a school o.O It looks like an area, where bad pupils should be punished. :'D Hopefully, it wasn´t.
Even though I have to admit, that the room was small but quiet comfortable.
Of course we worked really hard as you can see...No offense but we really did. :'D 6 hours every day...with 30min-1hour break!

We always had free time after after the 3pm.We spent most of the time in the hostel or in a mall.

On that day we had dinner altogether with our teacher. We wanted to go into a karaokebar...but we didn´t find a good one in our near. u.u

Camwhoring time~

(in the hostel)

After the dinner we split our groups, becase some of us had planned already something. Mo and I went to THE "Reeperbahn" again. WOOHOO~ Party and all dat normal stuff . It wasn´t funny at the beginning...we looked in to 5 different clubs and pubs..but it was surprisingly empty and it was friday!!! btw this pic was taken in the afternoon, when we went to the Beatle Mania.

Day 3

Our 3rd day started like the day before, but this time we didn´t need one hour to find the way and guess what? IT HAD SNOWED<33333 *-* Love Hamburg now more than I´ve done before.


aiii<3 I really love the rose ring (Accessorize! yup yup I love the label soooooooooo much) and the ribbon access, which I´ve bought in a Gyaru store in HongKong ♥ I need to take a snapshot of my lil shopping in Hamburg, still. I bought another ring there (Accessorize) haha

 The weather in Hamburg was either very windy or rainy. I hate wind&rain >.< I changed the colour of the pic and it turned out really professional...exepts the censored faces and my baldness haha.

to be honest...I kind of forgot what we´ve done in this afternoon...I can only remember that I´ve bought my

Last evening of our last classtrip...was really funny, but when I have to think´s kind of sad. I really loved our class trips. It was always so nice spending so much time with my friends. ♥ u.u .Our teacher was very kind and invited us to a fish restaurant. We did a research and found a good karaokebar and went straight after our dinner to it. We were too early, but the owner let us in.  I´m Asian but I´ve never been into a karaokebar before lol!!! Not really thinkable, but as you can see.
I was really scared D: I´m not a good singer or either a good concerning the entertaining part...I´m a loser/noob. I was lucky that I didn´t need to sing solo. The karaokebar were full after an hour. I guess the location of it was really centered. [It is a part of the Reeperbahn lol.]
I enjoyed the atmosphere when everyone has sung with us, because I could sing as worst as I could and nobody would have heared me haha. Of course I tried it and nobody has noticed it lol...I know it´s embarrassing, but nobody (exept some) knows me in nothing can stop me! hihi~
We sang "Roses by Outkast" and "Oops I did it again by Britney Spears". GOOD CHOICE. We failed so much at the rapping part and speaking part  :P
We switched the location because Christiana [good friend of mine] had her birthday on sunday and we wanted to sing Happy Birthday on 00:00 o´clock, but someone was faster than us and has reserved the appointment -___-
After the location switch, Christiana got a personal Happy Birthday remix song! Such a nice evening ♥
We we´ve changed the location 2 times and went back to our hostel.

Day 4

We woke up at 8am and
 had prepared a a small surprise for Christiana ♥

Sooooo cuuuute<3

We didn´t have that much time to enjoy our breakfast...because we didn´t pack our things together before...after checking out of the hostel we splitted our group again (some went to Starbucks, but some wanted something else) and met each other later at 2pm in the train station.

On the way back to Berlin was also really funny, because some dudes sat infront of us and had funny conversations. They have realised nearly after 2hours that we´re laughing about them. I´ve never said that I´m a good person okay? ê.e

FINALLY I´VE FINISHED THE POST! WOOHOO. I will check the grammar part tomorrow. I´m so tired now x.x Forgive me & good night my lovelies ♥

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