Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super French Movie with Super Nachos! | Hurray Tumblr!

Hey lovelies!
I will blog in my next post about my trip some days ago. I was in Hamburg last week from thursday till sunday and still need the pictures of the other ppl, since I´ve only taken my digicam with me♥


It has snown yesterday in Berlin and the days before when I was in Hamburg! ~~~ヾ(^∇^)

Bought the cute hat in Hamburg (Accessorize) ♥ It´s L.O.V.E! excuse me for my strange face expression u.u

I didn´t do much in the last days...but I just want to mention the movie French comedy "Intouchables", which I´ve seen with my French class yesterday. I really recommend it to EVERYONE. I´ve seen it in French with German subtitles and it was more than awesome♥ It was funny from the beginning till the end, but it was also very sad at some parts. The topic is mainly about a friendship between a rich man (Philippe), who gets helped by a "poor" guy (Driss), since he´s paralyzed from his throat till his feets. In my point of view, the jokes of Driss was the best and most hilarious one! btw The story is based on the truth, which makes it even more beautiful  ♥
It´s really worthe it. We went to a Mexican restaurant afterward...really the Nachos Napoli were SOOO DELICIOUS! Sadly, that I forgot the name of the restaurant. T___T Stupid me.

I really loved the music they played.
The songname: September
Interpret: Earth,wind&fire

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