Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Belated Happy Valentine's Day with the Kawaii Honey Ulzzangs!

Yes Yes. I´m still alive...nothing to worry about. Just school, which is killing me physically and psychologically! x.x I´ve prepared 2posts already...but it still needs some touch ups, because it´s a bit longer than this one. I´ve written German today and tomorrow will be my last MATH EXAM IN MY WHOLE FREAKING f*CKING LIFE!!! WOOOOOHOO~ So I´ve to learn very hard for it. Wish me luck guys.

Btw concerning my Valentine's Day. Nothing süecially happened to me since I´ve got no boyfriend or any guy I love, exept my good friends~ ♥
I got owned by 9Gag really hard haha. There was a picture, which had the title "How to get a man". I clicked on it...and all what they´ve shown me was: '404 ERROR. Sorry, but we were unable to find, what you were looking for' 

Haha but luckily, I don´t need a man atm. Busy with school...I´ve got even hardly time for blogging or my friends. I joined an Ulzzang contest with the topic: Valentine's Day ♥
FB Group's Name is: Kawaii Honey Ulzzang. The admins and the ppl there are really nice and cute<3

The announcement was some hours ago...and I won *-* I´m such a lucky girl<3333 I´ll get a package filled with Pocky, Swiss Chocolate and a cute bracelet. I don´t know how it looks like. But I´m sure that the taste of these girls are awesome<3

I thought the other cuties would win, because their pics are awesome...and compared to theirs...mine looks kind of..crappy u.u Such an honour to win the first KHU Contest ♥


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  1. helo! my name is Kelly! Happy Valentine's Day 2 u! ^_^ Im new on blogging! anyway, i have being your followers! hope u will drop by and being my friends 2!!! ♥ ♥ ♥