Tuesday, December 27, 2011

♥ Merry Christmas to my beloved Stalkers♥ | ...Updates&Ice Cream fail?

Merry Christmas to all my beloved Reader and people all over the world

Dance to the beat,
Wave your hands together
Come feel the heat, forever and forever.~♪♫♪

Totally love this song.♥

Christmas is this year kind of strange to me. I don´t have the Christmas feeling at all nor am I in the mood to celebrate it. u.u"
It´s still not snowing...I´m mostly freezing for nothing and the sky looks very sad. Even though I´ve decorated the windows at least. My aim was to create a christmas atmosphere even if my family is not Christian haha~ We´ve got some traditions, since we´re living here for nearly 30years now. All what we do is having a big Christmas dinner and we´re sitting together in the living room...watching Asian dramas. LOL It´s not much but I´ve always enjoyed the time. Everythings have changed a bit, because my siblings and me need to prepare for our last year, finish exams etc. etc. We´re all under pressure and busy with other things.
So yeah...

I didn´t make a wishlist, because everything what I want can´t be bought. I don´t care about christmas prestents though. haha~ I´m so simple minded lol.
Nevertheless, I got some presents from some beloved friends and family ♥ I opened one present some days before Christmas (was ordered to do it) hihi~ I looked at it strangely for the first moment...the boxhad the same size as a shoe box! But the present was by a guy. So it can´t be shoes!
My face expression went from "( ̄ー ̄)..." to "( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Cool"  I didn´t know how to react. I was happy no offense, because I got a digital photo frame by SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!! LOL It´s not like I wouldn´t like Spongebob haha but I´m already 18...should act a bit mature. ヾ(´・ω・`) But you know what? 
I DON´T CARE! It´s sooo cute of him to think of something with Spongebob. I remember, when McD' had Spongebob as toys...and he seriously went to McD' and bought several Happy Meals LOL!! And he´s already an adult. Whatever~

I uploaded some pictures of my friends and me,family, food and Idols I like e.g. Tsubasa Masuwaka, Kumickey, Nana Suzuki, Mikki (Lee Yeon Ju) etc. etc. on my SpongiFriend. But during my sleep..I turn it off...the light is really reaaaaaaaaally bright x.x can´t sleep properly with this light next to me...I should put it on my working desk, I suppose...but I love to listen to music and remember all the good memories in my life before having a good dream.

Besides of this lil cute guy, I have or better to say I will get a pair of boots, which I´ve searched for a long time~ Wings...yea WINGS not chicken wings...but WINGS like fairies(sis has ordered it), ear muffs (by Dunya), a special present by my "twin" Petra ♥ and got money lol...my parents don´t know what to buy..so yeah. Probably not as much as other guys...but I´m fully satisfied, since I haven´t been looking for anything, exept my new pair of glasses xD~


hmm...what to tell...maybe a short update of our family day in a famous ice cream shop named: H. D. (abbreviation) shouldn´t talk about them that bad, because I like them though~

Yummy Ice Cream.
My family and I went out  to some Christmas Markets on an evening some days ago ♥ and we´ve booked a Chocolate fondue event thingy there. The shop was pretty nice, but the waiter or the guy who worked there was totally...how to say it..clumsy? We odered some other ice cream cups with different/special scoops, chocolate drinks etc. etc. but he took like nearly an hour to serve it!!! My sis and me were pissed off...even my brother wanted to complain and I´ve to add, that my brother is filled with patient o.O The thing is..the waiter always passed by and said "It´ll be done soon. :)" and he had served other ppl first, even when they came later!!!(Note: We´ve booked a table for a certain/agreed time/appointment. I don´t know how to say it <.< excuse me.) 

So after an hour...he came with the Chocolate fondue and the other ordered ice creams variations. You could choose between white chocolate and bitter sweet chocolate for the fondue...I took bitter sweet chocolate...and it tasted like milk chocolate? I don´t hate milk chocolate...but I want to get this, what I´ve ordered and payed for. Furthermore the ice cream, which my sis got, was melting down the glasses extremely. lol...but well he was so kind and changed it....wasn´t a big difference, but he did it at least without any bad-face changing expressions.♥

Now coming to the finish part...we left and there were other people, who ordered the fondue thing...I peeked at it and they had bigger scoops!!! ò.ó I love ice cream...I love H. D....but this time they´ve disappointed me extremely, because we´ve paid nearly 30€ just for ice cream ?!

ok ok ~ no more complains anymore
( ∂_∂ )...
I´ve entered the Christmas Competition of German Ulzzang and got the 2nd place!LOL I only joined because of rising up the team spririt...haven´t think of winning. I had imagined something else, but because of school, I wasn´t able to make it realise...and it didn´t snow though~  .________.

The main point of this competition was to look Christmas-like hihi hoho~
My pic:

Not really thaaaaaaaat beautiful. I´ve to admit it. But I think it´s the creativity, which leads me to the 2nd place ♥ There were 4places and the 1st place picture was daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn nice and pretty ♥ Other ppl who entered also had nice pics *♥*

My prize:

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