Saturday, December 17, 2011

I will always wait for you, Snow. feat. Random Events lately

It snowed yesterday. Even when it was raining. I´ve seen Snow. ♥

This Santa kind of looks h♥rny. LOL! (LOL= Lots of Love)
 I love Snow Globes ♥
Because I fell in love with Snowflakes. Every time, when I´m desperated, stressed or confused...I look at it. It´s like real magic to me, because I can rest in my mind for a while and just look at the Snowflakes, which are dancing in front of my eyes.
So dear Heaven. Let it Snow, please. T^T
 Have I mentioned what I got for St. Nicholas' Day(6.12.11)?!
No? So here we are.
Actually I´ve lost my feel for the dates totally. When I was half asleep at midnight...suddenly the thought came in to my mind! I forgot to put a shoe/boot outside! I know that I´m kind of too old for this anymore...but who cares? Tradition is tradition.
But somehow I was really really disappointed about the Ü-Ei (ÜberraschungsEi = Chocolate Egg with a surprise in it. Mostly a small toy or plastic figure).
Now look what I´ve found inside!!! >>>>>>
A BIG SHEET OF PAPER!!! WTF? I remember, where I used to have toys!!! It´s getting so cheap. So sad, so sad. But what to do? I should act mature enough at least and shouldn´t complain about it.

At least the chocolate stays the same.

Hihi it´s also old. But I´ve sent a present to a good friend (Ani). She´s in Australia at the moment. I´m missing her, even when we don´t talk that much anymore *sniff* T^T Hope she´s doing fine there and can celebrate Christmas happily.


The school of my ChristmasAngel had opened a Christmas Market last saturday♥ We met each other and I´ve helped her out a bit and wanted to see the decorations and YESH! *-* The stands were soo beautifully decorated with stars made out of paper in different sizes, cloths, candles etc.etc..♥ Totally amazed by the look. There were too many people, who were standing in front of the different no photos of the beautiful places <.<" kind of annoying.
Even though I´ve enjoyed the atmosphere ♥ What a pitty that my school doesn´t offer this Event.
Dunya´s parents and siblings came to pick her up and asked me to join them. I was soo happy q.q because for the first thing, I can´t remember the way back. Secondly, I don´t know much people from her school or neither knew where I was. Thirdly, her family likes me Q.Q ♥

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