Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random Stories from my daily life.

Today I spent 5hours at school to write my music exam...I think it´s rather exhausting than the English exam. X___X
Afterthat I went to gym and stepped 245floors up..yeah it´s kind of crazy,  but since my psychological part = the brain was dead (BIGGEST BRAINFART EVER ♥)...I don´t need my physical part = the body anymore.
haha joke. I felt really relieved after doing yeah it was a quite good idea. I would recommend it to every person, who are psychologically dead after hard works.

My sister called me to get some daily need stuffies~ and was searching for a product..but guess what I´ve found...
...You would never think of it... the other thingy of tampons(needed when women have their periods), which term I don´t know..FOR MEN!
Yeah, I know right..why does a man need it?! I was laughing so much that tears were rolling down my cheeks xD! Because on the back side you could see how to use looks like thin pampers to me...and the subtitle was also nice..."For troublesome/tough/unpleasant smells"!

If someone of you know...what to do with it...can you please tell me? :D I´m sooooo curious. haha

But compared to yesterday it was nothing...I had 4 free lessons before having English. So I went to my friend´s home.
She asked me for the time and I looked at my handy since I don´t have the habit to carry a watch with me...and here in Germany, you need to show your ticket to the bus driver during this, my friend and I were discussing about food for housepets in deepth (don´t ask me why lol)...and suddenly she laughed really loud...and I asked her what happened?


and I was xD nooo way..and looked at my left hand...I was still holding it.
The funny thing is...I wouldn´t notice that, if she had not told me anything at all...and the bus driver even nodded without any strange or special face expressions!!!

and now coming to my beautiful HANDY DISPLAY:

Either the bus driver was too bored of his life or he was too shocked of this smexy pic that he just blend it out and nodded.

It´s from ParadiseKiss (I LOVE THE MANGA SOO MUCH ♥)

Thanks, my stupidness♥

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