Thursday, December 22, 2011

Broken glasses & Make up meets school opinion♥

I know from friends, that other schools have holidays since yesterday, but sucks sometimes.

I broke my glasses some days ago and to be honest...I´m totally helpless without my glasses, because I´m mostly blind. The distance between my face and the display of the computer is 10cm, I suppose? Even though I won´t disappoint my lovely stalkers/readers! ÒwÓ Many people has asked me already what happened to my glasses. It´s an embarrassing story xD well well...I sat on my glasses and forgot totally that I had put my glasses on the couch. Actually it was bent only, but as stupid as I can be...I tried to repair it and broke the earpiece...( ̄~ ̄;)....I went to the opticianist and they told me that they have not the materials to replace it. The reason is, that my glasses are already 5 YEAR OLD!!! I know right...totally antique. I was surprised, too. Because I´ve been wearing glasses for more than 10 years and had 3 or 4 pairs of glasses already. (LOL!) 
I hope, that my seesight won´t get even worse T^T...So my present for this a pair of new glasses? I´m thinking of nerdy ones.., but I want neutral ones. (better to chose my outfits without a nerdy touch everytime)

I need an eyesight test to get a new pair of glasses. Have you ever known that you´re not allowed to wear contact lenses for 12-24hours, if you want to do the test? Well, I wrote a mathtest and had a history presentation about Hitler, yesterday. )ikr. sooo interesting...not) I´m wearing circle lenses in my school times, which means ..tomorrow-> new glasses&new image/outter appearance? It´s kind of funny that most of my classmates haven´t realized that I´m wearing lenses. I told them and they were more surprised than shocked or scared. Some of them even fell in love with my lenses and looked at me the whole time. haha  I chose the Nudy Grey ones, because the Mimo Blue Diamonds are too huge. I won´t survive at school, wearing this biggies for 9 hours and let me remind you that I had to search for informations for my presentation, which means additionally 65746jh5ü4#6@54 hours! I´m kind of worried about my eyesight atm...hope these days haven´t affected them.

todays school look
A lot of people, who don´t know me thaaat well are shocked about my outter appearance at school and private. I split my outfits from school and my privacy.
Normally I don´t give a damn about my outter appearance at school.
Because it´s just school. A place, where you should learn and expand your knowledges. I´ve got the impression that many people mixes it up with the catwalk! Some of the pupils even look to say´s like:"oh-let´s-go-party-hard-after-school" (already seen some of them in clubs with the same outfit) or a competition of the amount of make up in da face!!! I bet that they wake up 1hour earlier to do the make up. I love make up,no offense, but I´m too lazy...I´d rather sleep an hour longer than making myself pretty for boys I don´t even care or better to say...I won´t put any efforts to pretend to be someone else. If these younger girls do it for impressing the boys...honestly...I think you´re scaring them. It´s okay to put on mascara or underline your eyes, but keep the 2cm of powders away from your face. It will only clog your pores and leads to bad skin. 1mm of happyness pwdery is completely enough! Just don´t forget to remove it properly. Remember! Confidence is the true way to convince people.

Okay okay coming back to myself. I LOVE FASHION♥ I wanted to be a designer, when I was young, but I don´t have the confidence to do it. I know that better designers exist on the Earth. I´m not sad even though, because designing, sewing and all these stuffies are parts of my hobbies. I enjoy it from the bottom of my heart. I don´t feel pressured, because I have no concurrences.♥
I´m totally inspired of Asian Fashionstyles e.g. Ulzzang,Fob Style, Gyaru, Visual Kei, Lolita etc.etc. but also Scene Style gets my attention.♥ So awesome.♥ I also LOVE make up ♥ To me, Make up is more than "making up" something or´s ART ♥ I´m totally a fan of manwomanfilm (Youtuber, Make Up Guru in Japan) She really reminds me everytime, that make up is the same tool as a pencil/paint-box/water colour etc. and your face is the paper, which you´re letting your creativity free. I´m still a noob concerning using make up. My friends told me earlier that I look better without make up xDD which means FAIL FAIL FAIL!

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