Saturday, December 3, 2011


btw it´s a -cough-plastic-cough- flower in our living room :D~

Hihi~ I´ve baked cookies again. So I can improve my skills and make it edible :D~
I don´t know what´s going on in the cookies...but it´s always so funny, that the cookies taste really...disgusting for the first moment, but after a tastes SOOO DELIGHTFUL & YUMMY ♥
I think it´s MAGIC or someone is pittying me&has changed them. :D~
Well ppl, who has never baked cookies before...don´t throw them away and let them fool you or you will regret it!

My mom is already annoyed by my new hobby lol. I think I´ve baked every weekend for 2monthes and as you should know...cookies consist of TONS of BUTTER, SUGAR,flour and again SUGAR (decoration) in other words...FAT

This time I tried chocolate duo cookies, lemon-vanilla Kipferl and almond chips/waffle ♥
I was really surprised when I looked at the amount of the ingredients...because butter wasn´t needed that much, which is of course better for our health right?


btw these are hello kittys with a bake-hat :'D

I´ve listened to this song during decorating the cookies ♥ I´S PONPONPONDDICTION!!!! I suppose, it was more than a 10min. challenge haha. Enjoy it <3

P.S. it´s not the full-version!

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  1. xDDDDD auf dem 1. blick sahen die Hello Kitty Kekse aus wie Fische x'D
    verdammt... die sehen aber lecker aus +.+ ich möchte auch mal anfangen kekse zu backen, aber wir haben gar keinen richtigen Ofen xDD