Thursday, November 24, 2011


first of all x.x I´m again really sorry for not updating my blog I wrote my English exam...It took me 4 hours!!! I´m so BRAIN-DEAD at the moment x.x
I suppose that I won´t be able to write much any more...nothing special had happened in the few last days...except saturday :D ♥

 hihi Dunya and I bake some delicious cookies on saturday, since we haven´t met each other and Christmas isn´t that far away ê.e...

Doesn´t look perfect...but it´s definitely edible and delicious :D

I really love the cutter with a skull *_* so reminds me on One Piece (Manga) somehow haha

And we tried to make some gingerbread men, but the heads were sooo stubborn <.< couldn´t pull it out, so we had headless men.

To be honest we need to practice our baking skills...why? haha just watch

and nope :D we had no chocolate cookies...I already smelt it, when I was cutting the cookies...and the whole smoke and smell blowed my nose and face away x.x soooo disgusting...thought I would die soon, because of this attack xD

But the outcome of the second round was muuuuuch better! I took my time to decorate it..Dunya doesn´t like decorated cookies T^T So I stand there and tried to put some nice "make up" on the cookies ♥

It´s not all of them, just you can see. btw...there are ducks,stars,hello kitty,hearts,MUSHROOM,moon,cat and the leftover something :D

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