Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ISTFA , P2 Lipsticks & Yummi Foods (Part1)

On Sunday my sis, mom and me went to ISTFA (Internationales Stadionfest). Actually I´m not very sportive of neither interested in sport. LOL! But since my sister has tickets for it...there was no excuse for me.
Even though I was really amazed when it started, because there were competitions between schools, which were located in my area! o.o
I was suddenly so fired up~ xD Btw ISTFA is an event, which national & famous athletes come to compete each other~ Some of the German athletes will even participate the Olympiade 2012 in London! 
In the first part of this post I´ll show you some pics of it. In the second part I´m going to make a review of P2 lipsticks. So when you´re not that much into sport...- ->scroll down!
Mom,me&sis in front of the Olympia Stadion <3 kind of looking like tourists LOL!

pupils from Berlin&Brandburg schools
I forgot the English term for it, but I think it was one of the most interesting sport activity on that day! It was directly in my sight! well trained bodies btw lol!


Next Post will be about:
Fritz-Cola,Ben&Jerry´s Cookie Dough & P2 Lipsticks<3
I´ve deleted the pictures, which I´ve taken for the review. So I need to look for a sunny day to show you the power of the colourful lipsticks!

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  1. ahahaha ihr seht echt aus wie solche chinesische touristen xDD zu geil ! bin ma gespannt auf den nächsten eintrag :P