Monday, September 5, 2011

Macbeth & Geisha-Look / Magical Creatures by PLASTICIENS VOLANT!

So here is my update to our "MacBeth" Project :D A lot of people came also some teachers and pupil from my school! The project was from 31.8.11-2.09.11 every time on 17 o clock. :)
We as the choir and "divas" had a white mask and red lips, which make me looked like a Geisha xD kind of funny, to be honest. (Some ppl even didn´t recognize me!)
I removed the make up when I was at home, so every passerby was neither shocked or confused by my look :D I´m sorry if u were one of the unlucky one! I have to add that it was late evening when the play was over~

here are the photos of our make up/mask.The make up artists were really friendly and AWESOME!

(from right: Selle, Franzi,Kim&Moi) as you can see...the witches looked fabulous!)
I didn´t removed the red eyes because it has a nice effect on our outer appearances xD 

My face was as red as a tomatoe after removing the make up! I was rubbing and peeling it with all my power! ò.o

Don´t we look like mimes?

Impressiv work out right?

The witches<3


Just want to show some magical creatures from yesterday. I love fairy tales and all that mystical things.
I was kind of dissappointed because there were only few of them .___. even though a nice experience. A crab even attacked my mother LOL! But she slapped his back ROFL. 
Lecture of the day: Never fight against an Asian Mum or u will be cooked! ok ok..forget the last part.
The poster. Actually the picture was taken from last year.

dunno what it is...maybe a salamander?

Mystical birds?*RAWR RAWR*

My favourite one on this evening :D look at his smexy eyes! LOL

A beautiful and colourful birdie<333 She was 3 metres above me :D 
I felt like the Lion King beeing watched by an eagle. xD

Also don´t know what they were, but definetley colourful and creative creatures!

3 lovely Seahorses :D

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