Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Meet'n'Shoot Day

Ok ok still no P2 lipsticks in this post! ò.o sorry guys.

Well, on saturday I met my lover Dunya<3 rofl. No we´re not a couple, but she´s a very good friend of mine!


Also other nice friends of her came. I´ve met Kim and Nermin before, but I was soo excited to meet Beki as well!
So why did we chill together suddenly? Last tuesday was Dunya´s SUPER SWEET 15<3! We´re not at the same school and we have a full schedule, because of this we meet each other only at weekends.
We both have a reflex camera and she wanted to try out my cam. So we made tons of photos! First we were goofying however it turns out like a...photoshooting for some?

Somehow I´ve no photos of Kim. She didn´t feel well and was resting. I think it´s not polite to make photos of someone who doesn´t feel alright. But at the beginning Dunya made some photos of her. Need to ask her for some.

Just have a look. LOL

Beki<3 She looks like a model!


Nermin and Me :D btw. he got blinded by the sun.

Dunya, posing infront of the cam<3
Censored, because my mouth looks strange on it.

xD...actually we wanted to hug each other, but it looks...a bit strange.

Beki and Me


Nermin let me choose one of his bracelets as a present&I took "Forever" because I love the colour and the word. He´s a cute guy. :)

-> check out their blog:


  1. U r way too cute Darling *-*
    I ' m so moved :')
    with love you stalker êe

  2. kimi für hoiwi köm also die aus deinem lk... du weisst schon und soSeptember 22, 2011 at 7:40 PM

    uuuuuuuu.... i loooooove the photo of dunya posing for you :DD