Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chemistry AIN´T boring!

I know that this post should be about P2 lipsticks~ BUT! something ordinary and fascinating happened on thursday!!!
My chemistry teacher is responsible for our safety at school. So we, as his students have the honour to help him out with the fire alarm practice. Every group of 2 ppl got a BALLOON!!! I grabed a pink one and was soo happy~<3
Really, I was soo curious because I´ve never seen a student doing this before LOL.

After the practice my classmate asked me for my balloon !!! :O
I was to be honest kind of freaked out...I mean that lesson was full of memorable<3 (I´m sure that it was my BEST chemistry lesson in my whole life!) But he told me that he will use my pink cutie-balloon to send a message to the world, which sounds beautiful in my ear~<3 I suppose, it is the best way to say good bye to Mr.Pink Balloon...he´s a balloon you know? He needs mother nature! ...ok now I´m getting freaky...

Here it is! *drum roll*

Need to censore my chemistry teacher and my brilliant classmate, because it´s not allowed to make photos during lessons. Even when I got my teachers permission. It´s better like that. Thank you for this wonderful lesson :D

"Make Somebody SMILE :)"

By the way, it got stuck between the high trees lol.

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