Saturday, October 1, 2011

Clean Tech World!

Yeah, i´m not dead yet! o.o suprise surprise~<3 So yesterday I had a classtrip and we visited "Clean Tech World", which is a "trade show" I don´t know how to call it ~.~" I used a translator for it.
First of all, I thought CTW would be an exhibition referring to environmentally solutions, e.g. recycling gabbage etc.etc.~
BUT! I haven´t seen any garbage there lol. (I know, stupid me~)
There were new developed cars especially for an environmentally world, universities showing their products,a stand with cloth etc.
Somehow I was a bit disappointed, because I´ve expected much more. I don´t know what exactly, but I didn´t feel like discovering every stand there at all...I think after a while like 2hours? my friend and me, we sat there and had a chit chat lol.

the stations/stands when you enter the big hall

there were students,who introduced us into their products

When you look out, you could see such a beautiful blue sky and a big sun<3 Loveable weather

Don´t ask me what we´re doing. Just a random picture lol.

hihi I´ve won my duckie, here. The guy was soo friendly, because someone stole my friend´s duck and she could try again to win it. My other friend had won 2prices!

My good-looking buddy.
Chit chatting. I didn´t censore Kim, because....she will start a blog soon and she doesn´t mind it at all!

 I also had a green baloon, but it slipped out of my hand and it made KABOOM at the roof. It was kind of embarrassing, because everyone was shocked and some of them figured out that it was me. rofl.

Even though the event was a nice experience. Talking about the cars, there were some which we could have droven, but since I haven´t got a driver wasn´t possible and just sittng there and watching them having fun is boring.*sigh*

After the classtrip my friends Lynn and Franzi hang around and ate a "Döner" (Turkish dish)


  1. hahaha.... that's right! I don't give a shit about being censored or not... i found it kinda disappointing too :D

  2. I love you <3 L.