Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love dat Earcuff ♥

Hi my dears!
Nothing much has happened in these days...still busy with school and all dat stressfull stuffies.♥
Even though I´ve found an acces, which I´ve searched for a looong time~<3
FINALLY! I wanted a pair of earrings with long crosses...but instead of friend has found earcuffs with crosses!!! I absolutely love them. Well I have to admit that there are too many chains...I´ll probably cut some of them off.
But I absolutely fell in love with earcuffs.♥
I´m still searching for earcuffs with feathers and stars. My parents don´t allow me to get more piercings. u.u ~ And I´ve got 2 btw. So earcuffs would probably solve my problem!


Other earcuffs, I´m aiming for:

I would buy it and also wear it o: but I´m afraid that it would weight too much lol~

like this fairy style ♥

they´re kind of "strange" but also angelic and beautiful. Would be hard to combine clothes with it. >___<

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