Friday, February 24, 2012

Contest Win: Lioele Blooming Lip Gloss [Cream Orange #04.]

About the deleted picture...I´m sorry for that...but I can´t find them anymore. They are on another hard drive&I will fix it..when I´m not lazy enoug lol~
I wrote my last French exam in my whole life today!!! I´ve got a bad feeling concerning the content, I´ve written...especially the grammar part...but I don´t care about it´s OVER!

When I´ve arrived home, I got a package by LiliesShop♥ I won the 2nd place and had chosen the Lioele Blooming Lip Gloss [Cream Orange #04.]~  I´m not a fan of using any lipsticks or lip glosses...because when you´ve applied it on your lips..and go out..and when you´re lucky enough it is totally windy...I´m sure that you will freak out, because the hair sticks on your lips, which makes them really gross~ 
Concerning the lipstick my point of´s hard to chose the right lipstick with the right colour and shouldn´t be too creamy..but also not too hard.

I made a video&Here we are:

It´s my own Youtube Channel [Username:AngelParadiseKiss]. 
I´ll talk about the product in depth and will do a swatch today, but later. Since I´ve got school in 10 hours...I should get some sleep........probally! Btw I´ll make a BIG GIVE AWAY, WHEN I´VE REACHED 500subs!!! WOOHOOOOO~ I´ve got 426 atm (?) I don´t use my youtube channel that often any more...I´m totally sick of the new layout ~.~ Everytime when I look at it..i have no fun to upload´s astonishingly messed has no structure or at least a good overview anymore T___T...

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