Thursday, March 8, 2012

Exciting School! | Mottowoche ♥

Next week is practically my last week of enjoying the high school :D ~<3
I´m kind of excited...because afterwards the real and big final exams will come. So for this special week of life, we´ve planned as a tradition 5 topics for 5days. The so called "Abi-Mottowoche" is a previleged week for the pupils, who will leave the school soon with a graduation. We´ve got 1 special topic for each day :D

Monday      →      Hippie
Tuesday      →      Schoolgirls/Nerds
Wednesday →      Bad Taste/ "Atze"
Thursday    →      Prostitutes&Pimps
Friday       →       Pyjama Party

I will try to upload a lot of pictures of the outfits and a groupphoto every day :D I´m soo excited haha. Especially the prostitute theme will be "funny" and interesting to look at ^-^

I kind of got inspired by Gyarus. Lol NO OFFENSE! But some Gyarus gals remind me of cheap girls.
Don´t get a wrong idea of me. I want to look elegant but also sexy. It´s especially hard to wear suspenders and corsage at school. I have to keep in my mind, that my mom doesn´t really like this idea...kind of understandable..but honestly..I wouldn´t let myself go outside..looking like a cheap cheap gurl!´s really cold nowadays.
I´ve found a replacement for suspenders. I think it´s getting quiet popular..these tights with suspender prints. I really like them♥

I think the prints also look really cute ♥

I´ve also seen these ones as a suspender look...But can´t find it anymore..Well well...My inspiration is the Japanese Gyaru Model SAYOKO OZAKI ♥ I love her SO much!!! I know her from the magazine Happy Nuts
♥ Check out her blog!  ♥

For many people, she looks like an alien and kind of "Western" like..but her outter appearance makes her so special in my point of view. ♥

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