Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Banner!

As you´ve already noticed. I´ve got a new banner..I´m not a professional page editer...but I try my best and let the creativity rules! :)
I´m not sure why I´ve drawn a panda on it...but I liked it and went on with the idea. I don´t have a name for it yet..neither have I decided about its gender. LOL!
To be honest, I´m still not satisfied with it. I´ll change my banner probably often. =/ Have some fancy ideas?
LET ME KNOW! I´ve set the comment box free to everyone, who wants to give a feedback, even when he/she has no blogspot or anything like this. ♥



  1. me 2! until now i don"t have my own header banner! still learning to do it! but for now i just keep updating my blog post ^_^v
    nice blog by the way!

  2. du und der panda.. beide süüüüß <3