Saturday, March 24, 2012

Last day of my School life & Hilarious Costumes ♥

I know, I know...I didn´t keep my promise. u.u I was really really busy with school..I hadn't had any time to sleep though. But last week was the last week of my school life!
I haven´t realized anything till now...but I know that I´ll miss it a lot....well probably not the lessons itself, but the time when you´re sitting in a classroom and having a chit chat with your friends and making fun of the teachers :P
I really enjoyed and appreciate the time. Afterwards, there won't be that much time for us to hang around together.
I hope that nothing big will change between our relationships, my ladies.♥ It´s a rough time for us now, but we went too far to stop now.

Today was my first biggie exam. The presentation went kind of "well"...not really thaaat good, even when I wasn't really excited...

Coming to the main Part of my todays-entry!

Day 1 HIPPIE TIME~ Make Love, Not War~

                                                                    My Hippie-Outfit

The photo was done in our cafeteria...and yeah kind of dirty. xD

Group picture (girls only):

 yeah...I look kind of stoned LOLOLOL~

My friend and me, we organized some hippie music to chill in our breaks. The atmosphere was damn nice ♥
The other pupils were totally irritated by our costumes haha~ funny expressions as far as I can remember, but compared to was nothing. x)

Day 2 Theme: School girl/1st Day of School/Nerds

It´s hard for students to look like students. Normally normal students don't have a school uniform at home, because it's not usual in Germany to wear one. Luckily, that I´m into Japanese,Korean and Chinese uniforms/Cosplay stuffies~ and could set my fake school uniform costume together easily.
I was really impressed by the some ppl. Their look was really...nerdy?

My outfit:

I´m not photogenic to be honest. I have worn overknees and tights to this outfit. Actually I wanted to stay at overknees only, but that day was way tooo cold, even when my friend picked me up with her car.
Don't ask me, why my computer has turned it that way round.

We went to McDonalds and my friends have decided for Happy Meals as lunch~♥ It fit to the topic, so yeah~ why not?!

Group photo (girls only):

Soooo cuuute~ many girls had a squared rucksack from the past with them. ♥ Reminds me of my time in the primary school haha

Day 3 Bad Taste /"Atze"

The funny thing was, that most of the ppl didn't had to put much effort in being unpolite and loud :D ♥ I suppose that every one of us have this side, but on Tuesday, we could show our "real" face hihi~

We were dressed colourfully and ...interesting, in my point of view. I don't know why my mother has bought a cap with the print"sexy diamonds", but I´m aware of "her interesting" taste. I should probably mention, that she didn't read the words and just bought it because she needed a cap to safe herself from a sunburn in Hong Kong.

Day 4 Topic: Prostitutes & Pimps

Really funny said, but I was reaching for this day for a long time haha~ Some guys wanted gender switch as a topic, but the majority rejected this option. So what to do? Just be flexible and make out the best of it.

I came too late to school on thursday, becase I´ve overslept 10min.~
I know that I didn't look "slutty". I can understand my parent's feeling so I had respect it and chose a harmless outfit, but I wanted to put a bit more effort in it, because of this I decided to put on some make up and my wig.♥

 I´ve got tear backs. I know, I know. No need to tell me :D I´ve got a mirror at home ♥

A spanish pimp. Also called, LOSER! haha joke joke. He´s one of the most smartest guy, I´ve ever met.

May I mention, that a guy had brought a baseball bat with him? A younger student from our school, called her mom, because of this...and she talked to our headmaster, becase the young girl was afraid of us.haha...I really pitty her, but it's kind of funny :D

My friend and me ♥ I´v worn a blouse under my corsage :D

Day 5 Topic: Pyjama Party ♥

I needed to take the bus on that day...and it was really reaaally warm on friday. My pyjama and jacket were too much. On the last day of my school life, we've decided for a breakfast in the nature with our music teacher and headmaster ♥ When it was break, a lot of students were standing around us and have asked us for our topic offense, but either they are totally dumb...or they need glasses.
I always go to school in my pyjama. Sure thing, right?!

 LOOK AT MY DUCKIE PYJAMA TROUSER!!! I always wear it at school. BUT ONLY AT SCHOOL. ò.ó

 FOREVER DOMO KUN!!!!!! (/--)/~┻┻ 彡☆★

 Oh Just me, as grumpy granny. Nothing New.

My favourite sleeping mask ♥ I don't wear it to be honest. I just love it, because it is damn cute and I don't prefer it, because it's on the ground, when I wake up....and I've no clue, what happened...I suppose, it should mean, that it doesn't feel comfortable. ~

A bit camwhoring with Kim
Just trying to look like a badass. F*CK YEAH!

To finish up this strange topic...
My friend had celebrated her birthday. I was too busy with school, to join my family and pay a visit. Even though, there were many yummi cakes and bao baos

BAO BAOS <3 filled with red bean paste, minced meat or sweet egg paste ♥

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