Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Leotails & Easter with Snow

Whoop whoop!
I´ve got Easter holidays and as you've already noticed...I'm chilling and enjoying it too much, that I haven't blog anything lately. U~U

Well I was busy with baking cakes, visiting my friends, playing Pokémon and other games...
This week is my last week of my Easter holidays...I should probably start with learning, because right afterwards 2 big exams will come and I should give my best at least.

My mom asks me most of the time, what I'm planning for the future, since I've finished school (soon). I'm kind of afraid to open a new chapter of my life, because it would a totally new "thing" in my life. I don't know what I should expect of myself...I know that I can enter this new chapter without fear, but every step now is leading my to different paths.

Even though I'm enjoying my time now as a normal pupil. I met my good friend Dunya some days ago and it felt pretty nice to see her again after such a long time~ <3

My aim was to search for Lord Superschurke...I found him...but on the internet he looks much better. Sad sad~
Who's Lord Superschurke? It should be a cute fluffy round fox pet. But instead of it...Dunya and I felt in love with Mr. Unicorn and Sir Panda ♥

 Ok Lord Superschurke was way much cuter~
Whatever~ we headed out to Fish'n'Chips and got us some fried shrimps and potatoes filled with cream cheese ♥

haha Le Me being busy with eating *full concentration*

I couldn't find anything good during our shopping trip, but at the end I've found a leotail in BLUE!!! I was flashed by its colour. I was searching for something like this for a long time.


When I opened it, I found a kink, which pissed me off a little...they just turned the end of the extension to the other side! LOL
I tried to fix it with my straightner and water etc. etc~ and there's still a small & ugly kink. T°T But whatever~ I will continue with straightening~

In my point of view, it is blending well with my hair. ♥

Coming to the Kawaii Honey Ulzzang Contest, which I've won *^* ♥

The package has arrived last week and I've bought on the same day lots of chocolates~<3333333 I'm pretty good prepared for Easter right? And yesh! I've opened it right after buying it, because I felt like trying them. To be honest...I'm not a fan of chocolate...LOL but tradition is tradition.

My family has never the intention to celebrate the events, like it should be. I've never been out to search for easter eggs lol. But my mom has always buy chocolates and "Überraschungseier" for Easter.

And yes yes...they are damaged by my bag. This time I could chose the Easter eggs by my own. I got a Princess Egg for me and my sis...and my bro got the normal chocolate egg, of course!

Coming back to the package~

As you can see POCKYS ♥ Chocolate and a very cuuute bracelet! The admins, KC & Roro added a Pocky package, because they felt guilty for "letting me wait" so long. haha~ cute girls.

I fell in love with the bracelet ♥ I totally have a crush on bracelets with lots of little charms and the pinky checkered band gives it a girly touch ♥  kitch is so loveable♥

 btw on the weekend it has snown for some minutes o_o very strange~ but as far as I know it's very warm at other places. Enjoy the sunshine ♥

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