Monday, September 23, 2013

Meow is back from her hibernation !

Hey guys! I'm back~
Actually I wanted to open a new blog but somehow I shouldn't kick it in the garbage and start something new just because I'm lazy.
Sorry for my long absent.
A lot of things happened during my last post till now. life is still boring but somehow
I've start a new hobby.....COLLECTING WIGS! and I've got nearly 10 AT THE MOMENT. I've sold some already like the yuno wig or kaito wig....well
The reason why I've got soo many wigs mom doesn't want me to dye my hair. I know it's pretty stupid since I'm 20 already. But can't say "no" to an Asian mom. Seriously.
But I've bleached my hair a month ago when I've visited my dear friend Petra and my sister in Wuppertal/Leverkusen which is in the western part of Germany (Nord Rhein Westfalen).

I don't want to bomb my first post after a year with sooo many here's a small list. What I'll post next:

Japan Tag ( J-Day)
Selfmade Sushi pillow/plush
DIY Chii Chobits Persocom/Ears
DIY Poison Ivy

Collection of my wigs
some make up tutorials and reviews about CIRCLE LENSES (honey wing brown, neo sunflower blue, supy pinky green and EOS ice brown!)

If you've got any requests...there you go (comment box)

As you can see...I haven't only started with collecting wigs...also COSPLAY. My mom asked me why I've got soo many wigs..with different unnatural colours (I love it unnatural.)
So I've thought about it...I was only buying them without using them often...So I've realized that many of these wigs match to some figures in anime/manga and most of them aren't that hard to cosplay. So why should't I give it a try?
 Now I'm busy with sewing and doing researches about cosplaying instead of being a REAL ASIAN like...studying...and..those stuffs...

Well here's a list, what I want to Cosplay next:
Chii in Kimono - Chobits
Nurse Chii - Chobits
Nana - Nana
Sailor Saturn - Sailor Moon
Poison Ivy - Batman

Planning: Sakura Miku (Hatsune Miku) & Conis (One Piece)
Hope I've awakened your interests in reading my blog again. >.<  
btw. Feeling so sorry that I'll do a GIVE AWAY soon!!!!!!!!!! like in stay tuned!

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