Monday, September 23, 2013

Japan Tag / Japan Day in Düsseldorf 25th of May

Here's a little post about my short trip in Nordrhein Westfalen during May.
I've visited my friend "Pe" in Leverkusen at this weekend. She didn't know that I'll be there because it should be a BIG SURPRISE!
And yeah she was pretty surprised because the last time we've seen each other was 2 years ago!
Well...she didn't know what to wear and I didn't know what to cosplay. So I got me a wig and a school uniform and she wore a school uniform also. It was pretty... spontaneously.

The day before we went to Düsseldorf because my sister told me about a good Japanese restaurant (Naniwa), which is popular for its noodle soup!
My birthday was on the 12th of not that long ago and I treated Pe and my sis to a noodle soup!

 Starter : Curry & Omelette with shrimps with a sweet sauce!

Yeah we were 3 persons, but we couldn't decide which noodle soup we want to eat..(there were more than 4 different noodle soup types of course!) So I ordered 4. The portion was really big...I don't know how we've managed to eat all of them...but we did.   ...and I can remember that we didn't eat much at dinner. (went to naniwa at 1pm...)

After such a big meal we went shopping...but sadly I couldn't find that much except 2 necklaces from Gina Tricot.

Well....coming to the main part: J-DAY!

I can remember that the day was really really REALLLY freaking COLD! and.. rainy...
I was surprised that I didn't get ill the days afterwards...lucky me.

My friend and me were we were lazy and didn't make a bunch of photos.

My friends outfit & mine (nothing special):

Even though there were lot of strange people who wanted to take photos of us....EVEN WHEN I WAS EATING!!! Someone also asked me, if my eyes were naturally BLUE.... OwO" and I told her that I'm FULL Asian and wearing coloured lenses. She got really curious about it and wanted to take a photo of my was creepy but strangely cute.

First time that I've eaten TAKOYAKI!!!! We spent like 40minutes to buy them....but it was worthes it! I only know them from anime/manga LOLOLOL. I've also seen them when I was in Hong Kong during March, but I had  no appetite

Couldn't believe that a woman take a photo of me when I was eating them... she said "oh nice cute.just go on with eating" and I was  w(@。@;)w

well we spent most of the time walking around searching hopelessly for a café, where we could get something warm to drink....but on the same day was a football pubs and cafés were full....

Well some cool Cosplays

Ghibli spirits <3

Grandpa Gohan (Dragon Ball Z)

some frozen girls.

We stayed till the firework...but we couldn't make any good photos of it, because it rained..

I hope next years J Day will be warmer!

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