Monday, September 23, 2013

Easy Flower Hair Accessory Tutorial / Paradise Kiss DIY accessory

 Lol I can't believe that I've made a tutorial and forgot to post it... it was like 1 year ago. Made this flower hairband for the wedding.

This entry is a picture tutorial. I made a flower hair accessory for a wedding and I think it's really easy and too beautiful to not show it.

 Cut squares in different sizes to create a flower. These are the blossoms.
Be careful! You need this kind of fabric. I don't know the term of it..but it should be "shiny" like this and it looks like tulle.
Cut in the squares. It should be 2cm deep.
 Don't get irritated by the frays, because you'll need a candle now, so you can secure the sides.
 Be careful, when you're working with fire!!!
Don't put it in the flames. The warmth/near of the flames is enough to melt down the fabric. (The fabric is somewhat like plastic or has the structure of it. Because of this, it's easy to melt it)
 Afterwards it should look like this.
You can round up the edges, if you hold it a bit longer in the near of the heat. But be aware of it. Don't let it burn, otherwise you can get wholes and DON'T TOUCH IT. It's really hot. lol I'm speaking from my own experiences.
 You should also take care of the middle of the blossoms, since it is next to each other. I'm talking about the 2cm depth part.
 That's the result of it.
It's ok, if it doesn't look "perfect". Because there are plenty of these layers and it doesn't effect the whole outter appearance.
 I think I've made 8 or 9 of these blossom layers. But it's your own choice.

Afterwards just put them together...

and pin it tightly...

I thought some pearls would make it beautiful and authentic..especially the stitches will be covered.

Done. I made 2 flowers in different sizes and used a glue gun to fix it on my hairband.
Somehow it reminds me of Paradise might be a good basic for this.


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