Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Classtrip to Poland

Sup, duderiches? <3

Here is finally my post about my classtrip in Poland which was exactly a month ago.
So my friends and me took the train to Stettin first and landed finally at lunchtime in our booked mansion.

It was surrounded by mansions in different types, so I suppose that the place is especially for tourists.
I really enjoyed the view and atmosphere, but there were  roosters, which woke me up at 6 o'clock EVERY DAY.

Well we were there for 8 days (11.6.12-18.6.12) but we had nearly the same daily routine every day. (what a crappy sentence lol)

Cooking and eating was a big thing during this week, because at the beginning we didn't find the super markets and we were 22 people. Have I mentiond that the kitchen was as small as a bathroom? Well my friends and me splitted us from the big group, because it was hard to find the same taste and cooking for such a big group is a stressful work. Even though I enjoyed it.
Many people came to us and was "surprised" or rather curious about what we've had as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Afterwards we headed out to the beach. We only needed 15min. to get there by foot. We had to walk through a forest, filled with sand and there was a we called this place "Narnia/Slarnia", because after walking up a small sandhill you could see the baltic sea. And it was like ...WOW DIFFERENT AREA.

Picture was taken by a friend. no make up x.x sorry.

Ok on one day, we went to the city to go shopping, but it was a real small town with old fashioned shops. We went back to our mansion and headed out to the beach like every single day during the week.

In the evening we played some drinking games and watched the EM games sometimes. It was really funny, even when it sounds antisocial. We had a lot of fun, seing people drunken and goofying around.

On the 16th of June, we celebrated Lynn's Birthday in the evening. Mo and me, we placed some candles in the bathroom xD because it was really windy and rainy. Afterwards we went out to the campfire and played games again, lol. (Seriously the alcopops were really fruity and delicious. For those who are NOT 18 please don't feel attempt to get it.<3)

Epic candles for special b-day is epic.

ok. so it's just a short post about it, because I didn't took my cam along with me.

We went to the beach on the last evening.

No words can describe it.♥ I really felt in love with the sky, full of stars.♥ Of course you can't see anything on it because of the crappy handycam. (btw. it doesn't work either with a SLR cam...or it's just

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