Sunday, June 24, 2012

Graduation Day&Prom

I really thaught, that I will blog more, since I've got more leisure time now. But mistake xD I'm a bit too lazy atm and alomost spend my time outside.

So here's a short update to my graduation day and prom, which were on the 08.06.12 and on the 09.06.12.

My best friend's birthday was on 08.06.12. She decided to celebrate her birthday with her fam, Lynn and me with a lunch before the graduation.
My family joined me at school, afterwards...yeah it was pretty cool. Each class had his own song to walk in.
 I wore a white babydoll dress...and I realize that it looks pregnant on me xD Well i think the cutting is like this...can't help it.

I had to went to the stage four times..because of some special certificates and at the end we should sing "The Rose". The song was a success, when we had worked with the theater group (Macbeth). You can see the Macbeth post here:

 We didn't sing at that moment.

Errrm...afterwards we got drinks and we've met each other outside to make photos and drink some prosecco.


Prom! (09.06.12)

We celebrate it in Neukölln. I have to admit, that it looks great and the atmosphere was also nice. But it was reaaaally humid and stifling after a while. The room wasn't that large, even when they've said that the room is for around 900people and we were roughly 300-350...

My sister and my brother went with me to my prom and we were too late, because the policewoman had shown us the wrong location -.-.....there was another prom around. And nope..that's not my fault..I told her the adress...and she just pointed at a random building..I was kind of pissed off...but yeah there was no time. Some classmates had planned a program, so we won't get bored..but as we'd didn't even start properly because of techn. faults. ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

So we placed our stuffs next to my friends and got us something to drink first...which ended like this:

Imagine 60 more glasses with wine,prosecco and beer. Have I mentioned that we we're 6 ppl?

My sister and Me

As you can see...we had a TV there, because on that day, it was the EM-football game between Germany aand...ok forgot who else..but doesn't matter. All the male classmates wanted to watch it and warned us not to come, if they can't watch it. So this is our compromise. In my point of view it's really childish and stupid, because the prom can't be repeated. ...

The graduate students.

actually I wanted to my hair like the Gyarus...but I miscalculated the time..and nearly had no time to do my make up.

My next posts are about my trip to Poland with my classmates and the YG Entertainment Audition.

Stay tuned ♥

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  1. wooooow 4x auf die bühne?? Bin stolz auf dich xDDD
    finde die fotos trotzdem schön *o*, auch wenn sie deiner meinung nach es nicht sind v_v haha, hauptsache wir hatten irgendwie beide dieses fußballproblem xDD
    freue mich auf den nächsten post <3