Saturday, July 14, 2012

Primark Grand Opening!!!

On the 11th of July, there was the Grand Opening of PRIMARK *-* !
My friends and me were so a year? haha ♥

It brings back old memories, because we went to London last year, as a classtrip and discovered the love to Primark.

Finally, we got there at 3 pm. There was a big crowd and ..yeah we needed to walk through a "barrier" (?) ~.~, like when you want to enter a club or a big event.
Well, I have to admit, that I'm slightly dissappointed. The architecture and settings were the same as the Primarks in England, but the taste of the clothes were...kind of.."childish" made. They had cartoon prints on the tops and the bags weren't beautiful at all .__. at least the ones, which we've seen.
We'll pay a visit again in 2 weeks probably. Since we've found nothing special, which attempted us.

Even though, I've seen ppl getting crazy and It was an omg-Primark-gonna-close-in-2 hours-forever atmosphere...It was cheap, no doubt. But it's still not a reason to go crazy.
A lot of turkish moms went there (No, I'm not a racist..just saying the truth) with their fcking BUGGIES and took all their children with them. It's not like there's already a lack of space, noo..ridiculous me.
I's ok to take their children with them...but they ran around, screamed like hell and hit me with their Primark-balloons, of course not on purpose..but it was really getting on my nerves, after a while. ~.~

Look at the background of it...and yeah,..Primark bags. Primark bags everrrrryywheeereee~

Nevertheless, I bought 3 pairs of earrings ♥ yay! and it didn't take long to pay it...double yay!♥
I only paid 5€ for it. I love the golden cross earrings most. It's plain, but still stylish. I was looking for it, for a long it was a must-have!

The day before, I went shopping with my mom and we were looking for fabrics. A good friend of us will get marry soon, so we decided to sew a dress. I'm looking forward for a waterfall shaped dress...I really love waterfall dresses&skirts. I will design it on my own and post it. ♥

 I really love the colour *q* When I was in HK, I've found these beautiful coloured sequins♥ and thought "Oh, they might be useful one day." And the day has come! I'm so proud of it lol. I think the colour matches to each other perfectly.♥

 On the way I've bought a polka dotted blouse and a simple blue top. The French hat (I suppose, it is called "Beret".) is from a good friend. Good chosen souvenir, my dear. ♥ x3

Aaaand the last picture for today:

I got my Hello Kitty key/hand necklace *O* and there was a Korean melon candy in the letter. Such a cute, idea. THAAANKIIES ♥

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