Thursday, July 12, 2012

YG Audition with Linh&Verenchen

This post is about the YG Audition in Berlin. The event was on the 23rd of June.
On this day I met a good friend of mine for the first time and gained a new friend. :) ♥

Linh and Me (forever big face q.q)

aaaaaaand Verenchen&Linh

Yeah they went to the audition. I didn't want to see people screaming because of my ugly singing,dancing or rapping, so I didn't participate. haha :D
In the lounge/waiting room, they've shown a concert of Big Bang through a beamer. It was kind of annoying after a while, because it repeated itself sooo often and we were there for 6hours lol. We didn't spend the whole time there, but most of it.

Linh had her appointment really early and Verenchen's appointment was nearly at the end of the event. What did we do during this time?
CAM WHORING. I think it was a good excuse to take thousands of photos. lol. Well we found a lot of similarities and could get good along with each other. ^__________^ I think I've known her for 2  1/2 years.

 look at the mirror! *O* it's a biiiiiiiig chocolate<3333333333
totally luvabler this mirror.

haha we tried to make good pictures, but we failed somehow. I know that I've got a flat nose, but it looks even more flat on these frustrating x.x
we were really tired of laughing and talking about POTATOES ♥

Thank you guys for the nice day♥ I really enjoyed it. :D

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