Friday, February 17, 2012

School owns life Vs Ani's visit

I've been a little late with posting lately. I´ve turned to a lazy bump =__= ~ and school is getting totally serious now.
In these 4 or 5 weeks I have to write 9exams, which means nearly 2/3 exams each week. I´ve to do researches additionally for my 5th main exam (presentation).
I will celebrate my a lvl sooo hard afterwards! x__x I suppose that I can´t post or update my blog that much because of school. I hope you guys will understand it. ♥

Well well~
Nevertheless some pics of my "new" stuffies, which I got when I was in Hamburg and during my holidays. Nothing much and kind of late...but entry without pics make it too boring. Especially reading my boring texts.

Ok...first of all..Hamburg stuffies~ Nothing special. Because Berlin has the same shops as Hamburg as well.
I forgot my pyjama so I bought something cheap from H&M since they had sale~ WOOHOO. I´ve decided for a squared nightdress.

LUV THE RING ~ kind of too big "suddenly" fits for my thumb and midfinger but not my ringfinger anymore T_T

I got the awesome nail polish by Catrice. I´m not a huge fan of red. Somehow I associate it with chicks or annoying ppl, who are dominant. LOL I´m not sure. Maybe it´s just the attitude of my family, who has influenced me since I was small. I like this sort of colour though, because it reminds me of cherries and the structure of it is shimmery and sparkling <333333333

*Le Lemon Tarte.

Yay.♥ I´ve bought a purple jeans lol and a brown pair of braces. Actually I was kind of confused after buying it...because I only wear and have blue jeans ...but I really like the colour and wanted to try something new.
Well the earmuffs aren´t new. A friend asked me to show my small collection of earmuffs. I´ve got another 2 pair, but I was too lazy to get them out of the boxes, which are stored in the cellar probably.
Seriously guys...If you don´t have the habit to wear hats or caps...get earmuffs! They are soo soft and keep the ears warm. I´ve got "voluminous" hair and because of that I don´t really need a hat. keke~

 I LOVE BABY FOOD ♥ Yes Yes. I´m such a strange person. I enjoyed it totally. On the way to an auntie, my sister and me went in to a super market. Actually we wanted to get drinks and snacks...but I´ve seen it...and I was totally attracted to it ♥ It hasbeen a long time, since I´ve eaten it. I have to admit, that it is totally embarrassing. But I don´t care.♥ Even though I prefer sweet tastes such as chocolate with cookies, mixed fruits, vanilla and smolina pudding than smashed vegetables or dishes. That´s totally disgusting.

Remember the friend, who sent me cookies on mass? She visited my other friend and me..ok actually she was in Berlin because of B2AST's concert. But we had a great time and watched altogether a musical called "Tanz der Vampire" - 'Dance of the Vampires'. It´s poorly translated...but so you know what I´m meaning. I really liked their acrobatic dances and clothes. It was totally astonishingly made with the beamer and a house, which could turn itself *-* aaand the costumes were soo made in detail. The storyline is a bit...strange, but their music and voices were amazing.

My friend cooked for Ani and me.We had baked chicken with potatoes and a mushroom sauce. I bought bubble teas, because Ani has never tried it before and since it is sooo mainstream...she needs to try it.

Ani and Me. Both of us without make up (I´ve worn my blue circle lenses) and yes. She´s soo pretty. I´m so jelly (jealous) because of her beautiful eyes and lashes!

BTW! I´ve entered another contest by Lilies Shop and won the 2nd place. Actually I didn´t put much effort on it and sent them an quiet "old" pic. haha I could choose a Lioele Blooming Lip Gloss and I´ve decided for the Lioele Blooming Lip Gloss #04. CreamOrange. Actually I wanted to have a nudy pink/rosé one. But it´s out of stock...and I´m ready for new changes! I´ll definitely do a review of it [swatch].

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