Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Birthday ♥

Hey Yoh! :D

Today was my last exam and it went totally bad..I was soo excited and was nearly about to cry during the examnination..xD
I was prepared for all topics except 2...and guess what..my teacher, who is actually a really nice gentleman..has chosen these 2 topics. He was kind of despaired concerning asking me questions..but whatever...~ I can't change anything anymore.

My birthday was on saturday the 12th May. We don't celebrate birthdays to be honest..so I grew up witht his attitude, that birthday isn't really something big. I think it's okay, since I will be 19 for another 355 days~
I had celebrate my 18th birthday and some others, which I can't remember anymore lol..

Besides, I like to celebrate other birthdays than mine, because it makes me more happy to see my friends happy. ^___________^

Even though I've met a good friend of mine (for 2hours), whome you know from other posts...

Actually I wanted to meet my other good friends too..but my family wants me to get back home as fast as possible..so we can "celebrate" my birthday with a biiiig dinner~


DUNYA!..and me.

 Both of us were late for an hour, because I had a previleged luck. Namely a football game...the policemen cut the road..and I had to switch between several trains to get to my darling. ~.~

She made a little booklet and wrote down some thoughts and quotes AND has drawn something in it for every day till..September (?) *___* Well it made my day.

The birthday present of Ani also has arrived today (*O*)Y I was sooo curious about it. When I opened the package I found a birthday card and beautiful flowers *___* ♥

Have you ever seen such a cuuuute birthday card??? I love it.

The flowers are made out of plastic. But they're really beautiful. ♥ Thank you sooo much <3

And nooooowwwww~ in the inner part of the package...was a lil' package! and there were 2WIGS !
*______________________* I screamed like a fangirly ..and my bro was--> wtf? (/)__~) *facepalm*

Well..new wigs are excuses for camwhoring right? ((((ヽ(`0´)ノ))))

Soo..sooo~ I was too lazy and too tired to put on make up. ( ̄(エ) ̄) Furthermore...you should look at my awesome wigs and not my face trollolol~

This is my first wig~ I bought it a year ago, probably.

This pose is called Omg-I-Want-To-Puke :DD I've ever dreamed of dyeing my hair to pink trollolol~ Now, there is no need to damage it on purpose. It reminds me of Luka somehow and I think it will match to some cosplays outfits :D

The bang of it is really long..such as the pink one. I think I will clip it to the side..or cut it..? At least it's not too short :D I really love the combination of the 2 blue-ish tones. ♥

I've seen the wigs before on Ebay and we talked about it. She has said, that she will get me this one for my birthday lol..but I totally forgot it because of the exams and I thought it would be a joke... >__<~ Waaah still smiling even when I've failed today at school.

 Well...to finish this post...my birthday(cup)cake.
The package..or the slogan of it is sooo cute&loveable~

my sis has reserved it and when she brought back the cute cupcakes...it got damaged a bit. In my point of view, it is a bit tooo sweet~ but it is worthes it to try these lil yummies.

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