Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Belated Happy Halloween!

Me and Lynn

Sorry guys that I don´t update my blog regularly. :D So for which outfit have I chosen for Halloween?
I put my wig on and rummaged red clothes out. Yupp. I´ve decided for the "Little Red Riding Hood" look. But when I started to put my make up on...a creative idea came up suddenly and I drew a mask (tone: blue-ish,greyish and silver) to gave my outer appearance a mystical touch. I really love mystical creatures...but I haven´t got the right clothing for this topic though. *sigh*

And yes the rhine stones were glued crappyly. But it was most of the time really it doesn´t matter xD Nobody has noticed it.
kind of looks crappy with flash

My friend told me that I look like the wolf and Lil Red Riding Hood at the same time lol

My decision for the topic was: I´m the wolf, who has eaten Little Red Riding Hood and both got adapted to a mystical creature! (^o^)/ I know creative...('-'*) *cough*

My other friend said that the ears of her looks like a piggy T__T but I think it´s very very cute even though♥
We talked, laughed and were getting crazy all the time! I really appreciate the time with them, because it´s always great and I have to laugh till my tummy hurts x.x

Our outfit
I wore black shoes with wedge heels, striped overknees, black skirt and of course a red hoodie! When I was outside, there were many people who stared at me LOL Because they were dressed kind of "plain". I even heard someone said "OMG She looks extremely! Look at her" and pointed at me. lol Dear lovely stalkers ♥ In this chapter I want to tell you one thing. It´s NOT polite to point a finger at someone!

 The BUBBLEGUM cupcakes were sooo artifical!!! x.x but who cares...I don´t eat it every day. So its okay to have a try.....or two :D

 Everything looked soo yummy and cute ♥
But I forgot to try the muffins .__." I tummy was so full...We had big pizzas,sweets,cupcakes, sweeeets,spring rolls and yeah...again tons of sweets!
BUBBLEGUM CUPCAKES aka Spring rolls (behind)

Lynn´s super duper dance move

In this picture you can only see me...but actually 3 of us were stalking people! We´ve seen someone who looked like Hagrid from Harry Potter. rofl Franzi came as a student from Hogwarts btw.


  1. Rot käppchen hat keine Ohren. du bist bestimmt der böse Wolf òó NUR GETARNT!

  2. Voll Süß ♥
    Ich hab mir nen neuen Blogger gemacht, bitte verfolg mich ;D